Margaret P. Sewall1

F, #21743, b. 1827, d. 14 June 1840
     Margaret P. Sewall was born in 1827.1,2 She was the daughter of James Sewall and Mary Avery Purington.1 Margaret P. Sewall died on 14 June 18401 and is buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Bath, Sagadahoc County, Maine.1,3


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Marguerite Elizabeth Sewall1

F, #12359, b. 25 November 1901, d. 1 November 1971
     Marguerite Elizabeth Sewall was born on 25 November 1901 in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.2 She was the daughter of Samuel Farrington Sewall and Luella Frances Clark.3 Marguerite Elizabeth Sewall married Harold Edward Manning, son of Stephen Manning and Grace Reed.4 Marguerite Elizabeth Sewall died on 1 November 1971 in Lexington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, at the age of 695 and is buried in Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Burlington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.6


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Marguerite Louise Sewall1,2

F, #23267, b. 5 August 1875, d. 4 February 1942
     Marguerite Louise Sewall was born on 5 August 1875 in Fairfax Court House, Virginia.2,3 She was the daughter of Joseph Carberry Sewall and Roberta Sweeney.1 Marguerite Louise Sewall married Byrd Royston Holloway, son of Robert Green Holloway and Lila S. Amiss, on 30 July 1904 in Baltimore, Maryland.2 Marguerite Louise Sewall died on 4 February 1942 at 1603 N Greenbrier St., Arlington, Virginia, at the age of 663 and was buried on 7 February 1942 in Saint James Cemetery, Falls Church City, Virginia.4,3

Children of Marguerite Louise Sewall and Byrd Royston Holloway


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Margurite A. Sewall1

F, #22145, b. 1889
     Margurite A. Sewall was born in 1889 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.1 She was the daughter of Franklin Parsons Sewall and Lydia M. Holsinger.1 Margurite A. Sewall married Henry S. Price, son of William R. Price and Ester Lewis, on 12 June 1907 in Ludington, Mason County, Michigan.1,2

Child of Margurite A. Sewall and Henry S. Price


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Maria Sewall1

F, #10245, b. 11 May 1792, d. 4 October 1795
     Maria Sewall was born on 11 May 1792 in Hallowell, Maine.1,2 She was the daughter of General Henry Sewall and Tabitha Sewall.1 Maria Sewall died on 4 October 1795 in Hallowell at the age of 3.1,2


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Maria Sewall1

F, #10250, b. 26 March 1798, d. 10 October 1798
     Maria Sewall was born on 26 March 1798 in Augusta, Maine.1,2 She was the daughter of General Henry Sewall and Tabitha Sewall.1 Maria Sewall died on 10 October 1798 in Augusta.1,2


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Maria Sewall1

F, #12889, b. 22 March 1818, d. 1 January 1892
     Maria Sewall was born on 22 March 1818 in Chesterville, Franklin County, Maine.2,3 She was the daughter of Deacon Oliver Sewall and Betsey Sylvester.1 Maria Sewall married John Adams Woods, son of John French Woods, on 27 December 1838 in Chesterville, Maine.1,4 Maria Sewall died on 1 January 1892 at the age of 73.1

Children of Maria Sewall and John Adams Woods


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Maria Fisher Sewall1,2

F, #5847, b. 16 November 1858, d. 7 December 1936
     Maria Fisher Sewall was born on 16 November 1858 in Bath, Maine.1 She was the daughter of Stephen Bayley Sewall and Hannah Polly Orr.1 Maria Fisher Sewall married Albert Lawrence Stroute, son of Samuel Stroute, on 14 November 1876 in Bath, Sagadahoc County, Maine.1,3 Maria Fisher Sewall died on 7 December 1936 at 1161 Washington street, Bath, Maine, at the age of 784 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Bath, Maine.5

Children of Maria Fisher Sewall and Albert Lawrence Stroute


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Maria Hannah Sewall1

F, #15271, b. 13 November 1847, d. 10 November 1900
     Maria Hannah Sewall was born on 13 November 1847.1 She was the daughter of David Sewall and Mary Celeste Eldridge.2 Maria Hannah Sewall married as his second wife Moses Collins Peaslee on 9 March 1881.1 Maria Hannah Sewall died on 10 November 1900 in York, Maine, at the age of 52.1


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Maria Laura Sewall1

F, #4650, b. 7 June 1812, d. 10 December 1897
     Maria Laura Sewall was born on 7 June 1812.1 She was the daughter of Nicholas Sewall and Mary Fenwick.1 Maria Laura Sewall married Philip Barton Key Jr., son of Hon. Philip Barton Key and Anne Plater, on 25 April 1833 in Cedar Point, the residence of Henry Sewall, St. Mary's County, Maryland, the service was conducted by the Rev. Mr. Carbery.1,2 Maria Laura Sewall died on 10 December 1897 at West Baltimore street, Baltimore, Maryland, at the age of 85.1,3 She was buried in New Cathedral Cemetery, Baltimore, Baltimore City County, Maryland.4
Her Husband Was Philip Barton Key,
A Cousin Of Francis Scott Key.

Mrs. Maria Barton Key died yesterday at the convent of the Sisters of Bon Secour, West Baltimore street, from infirmities caused by old age. She was a daughter of Nicholas Sewall, of Cedar Point, St. Mary's county, Md. The homestead where she was born in 1911 was first obtained by the Sewalls in 1676, when it was patented to Mr. Nicholas Sewall, a step-son of Charles, third Lord Baltimore.
In 1833 she was married to Mr. Philip Barton Key, a kinsman of Francis Scott Key, author of "The Star-Spangled Banner." Her husband at that time lived in Georgetown. He was a son of Philip Barton Key, who represented Maryland In Congress from 1807 to 1813.
Mr. Key studied law with Francis Scott Key, and afterward removed to Louisiana, where he became prominent in State politics.
Eight years after the death of her husband, which occurred in Louisiana in 1854, Mrs. Key returned to the old homestead in St. Mary's county, which bad been left to her by the will of her brother, who died in 1861. Mr. Philip Barton Key, who died on September 26, 1896 at his home In Statesvllle, N.C., in the sixty-first year of his age, was a son of Mrs. Key. She had twelve children, of whom five survive her. They are Mr. Henry J. Key, Mr. William T. Key, Mrs. George C. Jenkins, Mr. Edward Key and Mrs. Henry Daingerfield, of Alexandria, Va.
The funeral of Mrs. Key will take place on Monday morning from the home of Mr. George C. Jenkins, Calvert and Chase streets. A high mass of requiem will be said at 10 o'clock at St. Ignatius' Church, Calvert and Madison streets. The pall- bearers will include Charles Morris Howard, Charles McHenry Howard, Edward Lloyd Key, and her three grandsons, Thomas C. Jenkins. Henry Daingerfield and Philip Barton Key. The Baltimore Sun, 11 December 1897.3

Children of Maria Laura Sewall and Philip Barton Key Jr.


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Maria Raymond Sewall1

F, #20367, b. 30 September 1795, d. 10 May 1866
     Maria Raymond Sewall was born on 30 September 1795 in Marblehead, Massachusetts.1 She was the daughter of Stephen Sewall and Abigail "Nabby" Lee.1 Maria Raymond Sewall married, as his second wife, Cephas Montague Gunn in June 1815 in Boston, Massachusetts.2 Maria Raymond Sewall died on 10 May 1866 in Sunderland, Massachusetts, at the age of 70.


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Marian Merle Sewall1

F, #23693, b. 18 July 1903, d. 21 May 1995
     Marian Merle Sewall was born on 18 July 1903 in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.2 She was the daughter of Charles Samuel Sewall and Fredrica Debertin.1 Marian Merle Sewall married Arthur S. Peterson. Marian Merle Sewall died on 21 May 1995 in Nevada, California, at the age of 91.3


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Marie L. Sewall1

F, #24776, b. November 1896, d. 20 November 1988
     Marie L. Sewall was born in November 1896 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.1,2 She was the daughter of William John Sewall and Effie Pearl Doty.1 Marie L. Sewall died on 20 November 1988 in Twining Village, Holland, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.2


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Marietta Frances Sewall1,2

F, #17725, b. 10 June 1921, d. 26 November 2010
     Marietta Frances Sewall was born on 10 June 1921 in York, Maine.2 She was the daughter of Joseph Ernest Sewall and Margaret Scanlon.1 Marietta Frances Sewall died on 26 November 2010 in the Hyder Family Hospice Home, Dover, New Hampshire, at the age of 89.2 She was buried in Calvary Cemetery, Portsmouth, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.3

Following high school Marietta attended the Gorham State Teachers College, where she earned her bachelor of science in education. She taught for a short period of time in Kittery, Maine, and spent most of her teaching career at the Wentworth School of Portsmouth, N.H. Marietta retired after 36 years of teaching, but devoted herself to education her entire life.
Marietta was a longtime communicant of Corpus Christi Parish of Portsmouth, where she was active in the Altar Society. She often volunteered for Meals on Wheels and at the Portsmouth Regional Hospital. She was a member of the Seacoast Retired Teachers Association, where she held several offices over the years.
When Marietta wasn't volunteering her time, she enjoyed spending time outdoors in her garden, caring for her houseplants, or traveling.
Marietta is survived by her cousins, Eleanor Piskadlo, Janice Hazelton, Dawn Reilly, Sara Lovo and Pauline Emery.2


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Marilyn Jane Sewall1

F, #23964, b. 20 November 1935, d. 31 January 2014
     Marilyn Jane Sewall was born on 20 November 1935 in Sharon, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.2 She was the daughter of Ralph A. Sewall and Elizabeth M. Leith.1 Marilyn Jane Sewall married Bernard Dresel on 1 February 1958.1,3 Marilyn Jane Sewall was buried in Americas Cemetery, Hermitage, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.3 She died on 31 January 2014 in Pennsylvania at the age of 78.2


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Marion Barker Sewall1

F, #23052, b. 6 February 1901, d. 21 November 1998
     Marion Barker Sewall was born on 6 February 1901 in Lawrence, Essex County, Massachusetts.1 She was the daughter of Allan Chisolm Sewall and Sarah Alice Clark.1 Marion Barker Sewall married firstly George H. Gates.2 Marion Barker Sewall married secondly Fred W. Wood.2 Marion Barker Sewall died on 21 November 1998 in Orange County, California, at the age of 97.3

Child of Marion Barker Sewall and George H. Gates


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Marion Corinne Sewall1

F, #14796, b. 31 August 1925, d. 30 November 1997
     Marion Corinne Sewall was born on 31 August 1925 in Medford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.2,3 She was the daughter of Reginald David Sewall and Marion Florence Peters.2 Marion Corinne Sewall died on 30 November 1997 in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, at the age of 72.4,3


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Marion Esther Sewall1

F, #23785, b. 18 April 1904, d. 4 March 1993
     Marion Esther Sewall was born on 18 April 1904 in Malden, Massachusetts.1 She was the daughter of George Edward Sewall and Charlotte Mae French.2 Marion Esther Sewall married Henry Tukey Andrews in 1930 in Massachusetts.3,4 Marion Esther Sewall died on 4 March 1993 at the age of 88.5

Child of Marion Esther Sewall and Henry Tukey Andrews


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Marion Eunice Sewall1,2

F, #19466, b. 26 October 1921, d. 17 August 2015
     Marion Eunice Sewall was born on 26 October 1921 in Maynard, Massachusetts.2,3 She was the daughter of Roy Pishon Sewall and Abigail Elizabeth Colbert.1 Marion Eunice Sewall married John Anthony Glorioso, son of John Glorioso and Mary Lambert, before August 1942. Marion Eunice Sewall died on 17 August 2015 in Wellesley, Massachusetts, at the age of 93.4

GLORIOSO, Marion E. (Sewall) Of Wellesley, August 17, 2015 at age 93. Beloved wife of the late John A. Glorioso, Jr. Mother of Michael S. Glorioso and his wife Renee of Wellesley. Grandmother of Ashley and Marisa Glorioso of Wellesley. Sister of the late Colbert Sewall. Also survived by her nephew and nieces. Mrs. Glorioso served in the U.S. Navy during WWII.4


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Marion S. Sewall1

F, #19862, b. 1867, d. March 1880
     Marion S. Sewall was born in 1867 in Pennsylvania.1,2,3 She was the daughter of William Alfred Sewall and Ellen Josephine Finch.1 Marion S. Sewall died in March 1880 in Big Creek, Black Hawk, Iowa.2,3


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Marjorie Sewall1

F, #17554, b. 20 January 1916, d. 27 March 2002
     Marjorie Sewall was born on 20 January 1916.1 She was the daughter of Homer Sewall and Marjorie Hartwell.1 Marjorie Sewall married Francis T. Burling on 4 April 1942.2 Marjorie Sewall died on 27 March 2002 in Brewster, Massachusetts, at the age of 86.3

Mrs Marjorie Sewall Burling, 86, a resident of Brewster, died Wednesday at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis.
She was the wife of Francis Paul Burling, who died in 1978.
Mrs. Burling was born, raised and educated in Waltham. She attended Wheaton College and Katherine Gibbs.
After graduating in 1938, she went to work at Harvard University as a secretary, until she married in 1942 and began to raise a family.
In 1962 she was on the ground floor of the birth of the Cape Cod National Seashore, where she was the executive secretary to the superintendent for nearly 20 years.
Mrs. Burling was a communicant of the Church Of the Holy Spirit in Orleans, a founding member of the Lower Cape League of Women Voters, a trustee of the Cape Cod Symphony and trustee of the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.
She traveled abroad to England many times, with the latest trip two years ago. She also attended the Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany, in 1936.
In 1991, she received the Joshua A. Nickerson Society Award for community service.
Surviving are three sons, Stephen Burling of St. Mary's, Ga., Richard Burling of Marshfield and Peter Burling of Grandville, Ohio; a sister, Virginia Adams of Longmeadow; five grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews.
A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Monday at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Monument Beach, Orleans.
Burial will follow in Orleans Cemetery.4


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Marjorie Bradford Sewall1

F, #22838, b. 9 September 1902, d. 21 July 1903
     Marjorie Bradford Sewall was born on 9 September 1902 in Gloucester, Massachusetts.2 She was the daughter of Arthur Bradford Sewall and Marion D. Shepherd.1 Marjorie Bradford Sewall died on 21 July 1903 at 74 Washington Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts, of congenital tuberculosis1 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts.3


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Marjorie Louise Sewall1,2

F, #18888, b. 11 August 1904, d. 1 May 1991
     Marjorie Louise Sewall was born on 11 August 1904 in Keene, Cheshire County, New Hampshire.3 She was the daughter of John Marrett Sewall and Edith Mae Bridge.1 Marjorie Louise Sewall married Lt. Col. Kenneth Joseph Zoeller.4 Marjorie Louise Sewall died on 1 May 1991 at the age of 865 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia.6


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Mark Pierre Sewall1

M, #25180, b. 9 March 1898, d. 1 June 1968
     Mark Pierre Sewall was born on 9 March 1898 in Westover, Jones County, South Dakota.1,2 He was the son of William Alfred Sewall and Blenda Christina Wedlund.1 Mark Pierre Sewall died on 1 June 1968 in Central State Hospital, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana, at the age of 70 unmarried1 and is buried in Estates of Serenity, Marion, Grant County, Indiana.3


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Mark Warren Sewall1

M, #12536, b. 26 January 1867, d. 20 February 1931
     Mark Warren Sewall was born on 26 January 1867 in Bath, Maine.2,3 He was the son of Edward Sewall and Sarah Elizabeth Swanton.1 Mark Warren Sewall married Rachel Fannie Thomson, daughter of Joseph A. Thomson and Rachel Hathorn, on 1 January 1890 in Bath, Sagadahoc County, Maine.2,4 Mark Warren Sewall died on 20 February 1931 of pneumonia at 1127 Washington Street, Bath, Maine, at the age of 64.5

MARK W. SEWALL—The largest and oldest concern in Bath, Sagadahoc County, dealing in coal, wood, ice and petroleum, is the firm operated by Mark W. Sewall, under the firm name of M.W. Sewall & Company. The firm employs more than a score of hands and has a capacity of over 78,000 tons of coal in its bins and motor trucks.
Mark W. Sewall is a native of Bath. He was born in that city, January 26, 1867, the son of Edward and Sarah Elizabeth (Swanton) Sewall, the former a prominent shipbuilder and one of Bath’s leading and progressive citizens. Following his early education in the public schools of his native city, Mr. Sewall took a short course in a business college, after which he entered the employ of the Maine Central Railroad as a clerk in the cost department. After a short experience as a clerk, Mr. Sewall journeyed to the West and for two years worked on a cattle ranch. He returned to Bath in 1887 and bought out the coal business of J.F. Hayden, which he has carried on up to the present day under the firm name of M.W. Sewall & Company. Mr. Sewall is the sole owner of this extensive and flourishing business, to which he ever gives his personal attention. He is a member of the Colonial Club.
In 1890, Mark W. Sewall married Rachel F. Thompson, daughter of Joseph A. Thompson, of Bath. Mr. and Mrs. Sewall are the parents of three children: 1. Donald C., a graduate of Bowdoin College; married Marguerite Mongo; they have one child, a boy. 2. Edward, graduate of Yale University; married Millicent Clifford; has two children, a boy and a girl. 3. Joseph T; entered Annapolis, but did not graduate; married Gara Dunton. All three of Mr. Sewall’s sons served with distinction in the World War.
Today's company can be seen at

Children of Mark Warren Sewall and Rachel Fannie Thomson


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Mark Warren Sewall1

M, #17723, b. 7 June 1925, d. 2 January 2011
     Mark Warren Sewall was born on 7 June 1925 in Maine.2,3 He was the son of Donald Swanton Sewall and Marguerite Eulalie Monjo.2 Mark Warren Sewall married Joan Elizabeth Dodge-Kerr, daughter of John Maynard Dodge and Marjorie Moyer Kerr, on 6 September 1947 in Boothbay, Maine.4 Mark Warren Sewall graduated in February 1950 from University of Maine.5 He married secondly Suzanne Hague on 7 October 1984 in Sarasota County, Florida.6 Mark Warren Sewall died on 2 January 2011 in Nokomis, Florida, at the age of 857,8 and is buried in Decker's Cemetery, Southport, Lincoln County, Maine.9 In 2012

Mark W. Sewall, 85, of Nokomis, formerly of Boothbay Harbor, Maine died Jan. 2, 2011.
Survivors include his wife, Susanne H. of Nokomis; daughters, Stephanie S. Bacon of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Joan S. Rioux of Port Charlotte; a son, Stephen D. of Portland, Maine; and 13 grandchildren.10


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Marlon Harold Sewall1

M, #26740, b. 1 October 1949, d. 26 December 2001
     Marlon Harold Sewall was born on 1 October 1949.1 He was the son of Stanley Charles Sewall and Carol Ethel Woodruff.1 Marlon Harold Sewall died on 26 December 2001 in Roseburg, Douglas County, Oregon, at the age of 521 and is buried in Roseburg Memorial Gardens, Roseburg, Douglas County, Oregon.2


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Marsha Jean Sewall1

F, #23532, b. 30 May 1952, d. 17 May 2002
     Marsha Jean Sewall was born on 30 May 1952 in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.1 She was the daughter of Robert Benford Sewall and Lucille Minnie Espenson.1 Marsha Jean Sewall died on 17 May 2002 in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, at the age of 491,2 and is buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Casa Grande, Pinal County, Arizona.3

Marsha Jean (Sewall) Stagg, 49, of Casa Grande died peacefully May 17, 2002 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix after an 18-year struggle with multiple sclerosis.
Visitation will be from 2 to 3 p.m. Wednesday at Simes Mortuaries Casa Grande Chapel. The funeral there will follow at 3, with the Rev. Jeff Jackson officiating. Burial will be in Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis.
Ms. Stagg was born May 30, 1952 in Minneapolis. She moved to Casa Grande in 1978 and formerly worked as a plastics assembler. She delivered the Casa Grande Dispatch and Arizona Republic for many years. She attended the Christian Church of Casa Grande. She enjoyed music, camping, television and family.
Survivors include two sons, Jamison "Jamie" and Ryan Swigart of Casa Grande; her parents, Robert B. and Lucille Sewall of Casa Grande; a sister, Cheryl Gutierrez of Casa Grande; a brother, Michael Sewall of Ham Lake, Minn; and three grandchildren.2


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Marshall Christopher Sewall1,2

M, #15161, b. 3 December 1908, d. 19 September 1983
     Marshall Christopher Sewall was born on 3 December 1908 in Los Angeles County, California.1,3,4 He was the son of Frank Lewis Sewall and Julia Frances Griffin.1 Marshall Christopher Sewall graduated in 1930 from University of California, California, and the Harvard School of Business Administration in 1932.2,5 He married Elmina Brewster, daughter of Frederick Foster Brewster and Margaret Fitch, on 7 April 1937.6 At the time of his engagement he was working for the Compton Advertising Company of New York though by the date of his second marriage he was vice president of the Corrosite Corporation, manufacturers of plastic paint, in New York.2,7 Marshall Christopher Sewall and Elmina Brewster were divorced probably in in 1945.8 Marshall Christopher Sewall married secondly Sarah Woodward, daughter of William Woodward and Elsie Ogden Cryder, on 11 October 1949 at 9 East Eighty-sixth Street, New York.7 Marshall Christopher Sewall died on 19 September 1983 in Orlando, Orange County, Florida, at the age of 74.9,10 The funeral of Marshall Christopher Sewall took place on 22 September 1983 at Woodlawn Mausoleum Chapel, Gotha, Orange County, Florida.9,11

He owned the yacht Marquesa and was a member of the New York Yacht Club and the Far East Yacht Racing Association. In his retirement he farmed and grew citrus fruit.9


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Marshall W. Sewall1

M, #23956, b. 5 August 1913, d. 12 December 1975
     Marshall W. Sewall was born on 5 August 1913 in Texas.1 He was the son of George Alexander Sewall and Viola F. Causey.1 Marshall W. Sewall died on 12 December 1975 in Carlsbad, Tom Green County, Texas, at the age of 62 unmarried1 and is buried in Fairmount Cemetery, San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas.2


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