Rufus S. Noyes1

M, #23166
     Rufus S. Noyes married Diantha Kingman in 1847.

Child of Rufus S. Noyes and Diantha Kingman


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Colonel Thomas Noyes1

M, #2632, b. 10 August 1648, d. 12 April 1730
     Colonel Thomas Noyes was born on 10 August 1648 in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.2,3 He was the son of Rev. James Noyes and Sarah Brown.4,5 Colonel Thomas Noyes married firstly Martha Pierce on 28 December 1669.2 Colonel Thomas Noyes married secondly Elizabeth Greenleaf, daughter of Stephen Greenleaf and Elizabeth Coffin, on 24 September 1677.4,2 Colonel Thomas Noyes died on 12 April 1730 in Newbury, Massachusetts, at the age of 81 and was buried on 15 April.6

Child of Colonel Thomas Noyes and Elizabeth Greenleaf


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Jehan Pierre de Noüe, Comte de Noüe

M, #24442, b. 29 January 1935, d. 3 July 1999
     Jehan Pierre de Noüe, Comte de Noüe was born on 29 January 1935 in Paris, France. He married Mary Joy Cabot, daughter of Quincy Sewall Cabot and Geneviève Fox, in 1955. Jehan Pierre de Noüe, Comte de Noüe died on 3 July 1999 at the age of 64.

Richard Nugent

M, #11911, d. between 20 April 1609 and 12 April 1610
     A mercer in Manchester. Richard Nugent married Margaret Goldsmith, daughter of Edmund Goldsmith of Salford, in November 1582. Richard Nugent died between 20 April 1609 and 12 April 1610
The Salford Portmote records that Walter is his son and heir and that he must appear at the next court and do his suite and service sub pena 6/7d. He served as Boroughreeve in 1599.1

Child of Richard Nugent and Margaret Goldsmith


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Walter Nugent1

M, #604, d. March 1614
     Walter Nugent was the son of Richard Nugent and Margaret Goldsmith. Walter Nugent. Variously described as a mercer or gentleman of Manchester. He married Ellen Mosley, daughter of Anthony Mosley and Alice Webster, on 13 November 1606 in The Collegiate Church, Manchester.2 Walter Nugent died in March 1614. He was buried on 10 March 1613/14 in The Cathedral, Manchester. The Court Leet Records of the Manor of Manchester record that his heir was not known.


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George Tierso Duval Nunez

M, #20243, b. 23 December 1909, d. 12 October 2002
     George Tierso Duval Nunez was born on 23 December 1909 in Panama City.1 He died on 12 October 2002 at Highlands Lake Center, Lakeland, Florida, at the age of 92.1


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Barbara Heald Nute1

F, #26108, b. circa 1931, d. 24 October 2013
     Barbara Heald Nute was born circa 1931 in Hartford, Connecticut.2 She was the daughter of Paul B. Nute. The announcement of her engagement to Kenneth Robert Sewall was made on 19 April 1953.3 Barbara Heald Nute died on 24 October 2013 in Hopewell, New Jersey.2

Barbara Orr, 82, of Hopewell, wife of Philip Orr, died peacefully at home Oct. 24, 2013. Born in Hartford, CT, to Paul B. and Helen Nute, she resided in many eastern states before settling in Hopewell in 1993. A 1951 graduate of Colby Junior College, she was employed in various secretarial and administrative positions from the 1980s until her retirement in 2008 as library assistant with the Hopewell Public Library. A woman of active faith, she studied Christian theology in courses at Fairfield University and by extension from The University of the South, and served at various times on altar guilds, as lay reader and as licensed chalice bearer in Episcopal churches in five states. An avid walker as well as reader, her other major interests included knitting, nutrition and health, and all things British. She is survived by her husband of 32 years, Philip Orr; her brother and sister-in-law, Franklin and Catharine Nute of Decatur, GA; three children and their spouses, Caron and Gordon Cromwell of Silverdale, WA, Jennifer Sewall and William Carr of Brooklyn, NY, and Brigham and Lindsey Sewall of Sandy Springs, GA; four grandchildren, two nieces and 20 first cousins and their families from the Nute clan of Littleton, NH. A memorial service with Holy Eucharist will be held Nov. 25 at 11 a. m. at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Lambertville, NJ, with reception immediately following. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Alzheimer's Association or the Hopewell Public Library, 13 E. Broad Street, Hopewell, NJ 08525. Arrangements are under the care of the Cromwell-Immordino Memorial Home, Hopewell, NJ.


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Nettie Nute1

F, #23092
     Nettie Nute married William H. McKenzie.1

Child of Nettie Nute and William H. McKenzie


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Paul B. Nute

M, #26135

Child of Paul B. Nute

Catherine Nuth1

F, #9983
     Catherine Nuth married Hon. Joshua Johnson.1

Children of Catherine Nuth and Hon. Joshua Johnson


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Mary Nutter1

F, #17122
     Mary Nutter married John Wingate.1

Child of Mary Nutter and John Wingate


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Alonzo Nye

M, #25594
     Alonzo Nye married Priscilla Bassett.

Children of Alonzo Nye and Priscilla Bassett

Eliza Loveland Nye1

F, #25593, b. 19 December 1870
     Eliza Loveland Nye was born on 19 December 1870 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts.2 She was the daughter of Alonzo Nye and Priscilla Bassett. Eliza Loveland Nye married Charles Wood Sewall, son of John Lentner Sewall and Louisa Jane Bowman, on 5 January 1887 in Chatham, Barnstable, Massachusetts.3


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Frances Maria Nye1

F, #6507, b. 1836, d. 1920
     Frances Maria Nye was born in 1836.1 She married William Dana, son of Jedediah Dana and Martha G. Wood.1 Frances Maria Nye made a will on 8 April 1916 which was filed 11 February 1920.2 She died in 1920.1

Children of Frances Maria Nye and William Dana


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Grace Loveland Nye1

F, #25654, b. 2 December 1872
     Grace Loveland Nye was born on 2 December 1872 in Chatham, Massachusetts.2 She was the daughter of Alonzo Nye and Priscilla Bassett. Grace Loveland Nye married secondly Charles Wood Sewall, son of John Lentner Sewall and Louisa Jane Bowman, on 8 April 1902 in Providence, Rhode Island.1


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Mary Weeks Nye1

F, #5831, d. 1814
     Mary Weeks Nye married Joseph Brackett, son of James Brackett and Martha Cate, in 1770.1 Mary Weeks Nye died in 1814.1

Child of Mary Weeks Nye and Joseph Brackett


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Geneviève O'Brien

F, #24441, b. circa 1884
     Geneviève O'Brien was born circa 1884. She married Lyttleton H. Fox.

Child of Geneviève O'Brien and Lyttleton H. Fox

John O'Brien1

M, #12675
     John O'Brien married Emeline Whitehurst Sewall, daughter of Rev. Rufus King Sewall and Anne Elizabeth Whitehurst, on 14 June 1879 in Wiscasset, Maine.2


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John O'Brien1

M, #22040

Child of John O'Brien


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Sarah O'Brien1

F, #22038
     Sarah O'Brien was the daughter of Capt. Thomas O'Brien R.N.1 Sarah O'Brien married Richard Martin Daly.1

Child of Sarah O'Brien and Richard Martin Daly


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Capt. Thomas O'Brien R.N.1

M, #22039
     Capt. Thomas O'Brien R.N. was the son of John O'Brien.1

Child of Capt. Thomas O'Brien R.N.


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Charles John O'Connor

M, #26881
     Charles John O'Connor married Margaret Jane Moore.

Child of Charles John O'Connor and Margaret Jane Moore

Helen Muriel O'Connor1,2

F, #20111, b. 21 January 1913, d. 1976
     Helen Muriel O'Connor was born on 21 January 1913 in Saskatchewan.3 She was the daughter of Charles John O'Connor and Margaret Jane Moore. Helen Muriel O'Connor married Eric Dearden Sewell, son of Henry de Quincy Sewell and Caroline Alberta Pense, on 8 October 1941 in the Holy Rosary Cathedral, Regina, Saskatchewan.2 Helen Muriel O'Connor died in 1976.1

Child of Helen Muriel O'Connor and Eric Dearden Sewell


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Lorna Nugent O'Connor

F, #10071, d. 1937
     Lorna Nugent O'Connor married George Morris Seton Gordon, son of George Tindal Gordon and Elizabeth Knevitt, in 1909 in Western Australia.1 Lorna Nugent O'Connor and George Morris Seton Gordon were living at 79 Grey Street, Balaclava, Victoria, in 1919 he was an accountant. Lorna Nugent O'Connor died in 1937.


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Mrs. Mary O'Donnell1

F, #15446, d. December 1958
     Mrs. Mary O'Donnell married Hale Wellington Abbot, son of William Fitzhale Abbot and Caroline Ward Sewall.1 Mrs. Mary O'Donnell died in December 1958.1


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Philip J. "Gus" O'Donnell1

M, #26237, b. 2 April 1926, d. 18 May 1973
     Philip J. "Gus" O'Donnell was born on 2 April 1926 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts.2 He married Alice S. Mullane, daughter of John Joseph Mullane and Alice Gertrude Sewall.1 Philip J. "Gus" O'Donnell died on 18 May 1973 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, at the age of 47.2


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George O'Halloran

M, #25650
     George O'Halloran married De Etta King.1

Child of George O'Halloran and De Etta King


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John O'Halloran1

M, #2165, b. 29 September 1918
     John O'Halloran was born on 29 September 1918 in Minnesota.1 He was the son of George O'Halloran and De Etta King.1 John O'Halloran married Patricia Jane Sewall, daughter of Joseph Sewall Sewall and Agnes May Knowlton, on 29 December 1940 in San Fernando, California.1


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William John O'Kane1

M, #23954, b. 5 January 1917, d. 2 December 1999
     William John O'Kane was born on 5 January 1917 in Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland.1 He married Mary Brackett Sewall, daughter of Herbert Willis Sewall and Harriett E. Brackett, on 21 October 1950 in Wilks-Barrie, Pennsylvania.1 William John O'Kane died on 2 December 1999 in Miami, Florida, at the age of 822 and is buried in Vista Memorial Gardens, Miami Lakes, Miami-Dade County, Florida.3


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Charlotte Mary O'Malley1

F, #2094, b. 23 February 1899, d. 6 December 1986
     Charlotte Mary O'Malley was born on 23 February 1899 in Wisconsin.2,3 She married Samuel L. Sewall, son of Samuel Lovatt Sewall and Jessie Douglas Newson, in 1923.4 Charlotte Mary O'Malley died on 6 December 1986 in Edina, Hennepin County, Minnesota, at the age of 875 and is buried in Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota.6

Children of Charlotte Mary O'Malley and Samuel L. Sewall


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