Emma R. (Unknown)1

F, #18855, b. circa 1869
     Emma R. (Unknown) was born circa 1869 in England.1 She married E.L. Lang circa 1892.1

Child of Emma R. (Unknown) and E.L. Lang


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Ermengarde (Unknown)1

F, #18593
     Ermengarde (Unknown) married Roger Comte de Château-Porcien.1

Child of Ermengarde (Unknown) and Roger Comte de Château-Porcien


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Esther (Unknown)

F, #7137
     Esther (Unknown) married Benjamin Hoar, son of Daniel Hoar and Mary Stratton.

Children of Esther (Unknown) and Benjamin Hoar

Esther (Unknown)

F, #9056
     Esther (Unknown) married Capt. Leonard Hoar, son of Daniel Hoar and Mary Stratton.

Children of Esther (Unknown) and Capt. Leonard Hoar

Eunice B. (Unknown)1

F, #15003
     Eunice B. (Unknown) married Nathan Robinson.

Child of Eunice B. (Unknown) and Nathan Robinson


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Frances (Unknown)1,2

F, #323, d. 25 April 1652
     Frances (Unknown) married Hezekiah Usher before 1639 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.3 Frances (Unknown) died on 25 April 1652.1

Child of Frances (Unknown) and Hezekiah Usher


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Frances (Unknown) (widow Burr)1,2

F, #306, b. 1612, d. 12 November 1682
     Frances (Unknown) (widow Burr) was born in 1612.3 She married Richard Dummer, son of Thomas Pyldrym (alias) Dummer and Joane (Unknown), circa 1643.3 Frances (Unknown) (widow Burr) married Rev. Jonathan Burr, son of John Burr.4 Frances (Unknown) (widow Burr) died on 12 November 1682 in Newbury (or 12 or 19 Nov according to which source is used, whilst Dummer gives the year as 1685.)1,5,6

Children of Frances (Unknown) (widow Burr) and Richard Dummer

Child of Frances (Unknown) (widow Burr) and Rev. Jonathan Burr


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Gabrielle ? (Unknown)

F, #10091
     Gabrielle ? (Unknown) married Antoine de Bigeardel, son of Leonard de Bigeardel and Marguerite Borda***.

Child of Gabrielle ? (Unknown) and Antoine de Bigeardel

Gertrude A. (Unknown)1

F, #22050
     Gertrude A. (Unknown) married Howard Walten Sewall, son of Rev. Rufus King Sewall and Emeline Matilda Barnes, on 28 January 1888 in San Francisco.1 Gertrude A. (Unknown) and Howard Walten Sewall were divorced on 19 April 1892 at San Francisco

Howard W. Sewall Would Not Work to Support a Wife.

Gertrude A. Sewall and Howard W. Sewall were married in this city on January 28, 1888. Yesterday Judge Hunt divorced her on the ground of the husband’s failure to provide, by reason of profligacy and idleness, and quite a story was brought out at the trial.

Sewall was a clerk in a dry-goods store when he married the fair and modest Gertrude, the only child of a doting widowed mother. He was known as a man of exemplary habits. They went to board with her mother. He conscientiously forgot to pay for their board and even endeavored to borrow money from his mother-in-law on the wedding day. He soon lost his position, drifted to Sacramento, Chico and elsewhere, and finally to Seattle, Wash., where he now is, having been a clerk in two banks and being now in the fruit business.

In this business he was also awhile at Chico, from which place he went East with a consignment of fruit, which he sold to advantage, but squandered the money. On return and while attempting to disappear from Chico between two days creditors had him arrested and his sister helped him out of his financial mess and the young wife was taken back home by her mother. In no place apparently could he hold a position more than a mouth or two, and he was chronically bankrupt.

He has only sent his pretty young wife $52 to support herself during the past year, and she has had to depend on her mother, aided by scant earnings as a saleswoman of $4 and $5 a week. Last Christmas he magnanimously sent her a present — a note of $10 — but it was protested, and mother-in-law had to pay note and costs.

This mother-in-law, who appeared to be a treasure in her way, had tried to keep the young couple along in various ways and had offered them a home on her little farm, but the proud spirit of Howard rebelled at this. He would not soil his hands at such menial labor as farming. San Francisco Call, 20 April 1892.1


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Grace (Unknown)

F, #7441
     Grace (Unknown) married Christopher Wadsworth. Grace (Unknown) made a will on 13 January 1687. Probate was granted on 13 June 1688.1

Children of Grace (Unknown) and Christopher Wadsworth


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Grace M. (Unknown)1

F, #26822
     Grace M. (Unknown) married Major Alan Torrance Powell DSO, son of Dr. Robert Henry Wynyard Powell and Elizabeth Fisher Torrance, after 1914.1


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Hadeguisa (Hawise) (Unknown)1

F, #18552
     Hadeguisa (Hawise) (Unknown) married Robert de Marmion Sieur de Fontenay.1 In 1101 became a nun in the abbey of Holy Trinity, Caen. CP gives this date as 1106 whilst Chester gives the date of her widowhood as 1101.1,2

Child of Hadeguisa (Hawise) (Unknown) and Robert de Marmion Sieur de Fontenay


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Hannah (Unknown)1

F, #3018, d. 5 September 1656
     Hannah (Unknown) married John Dwight.2 Hannah (Unknown) died on 5 September 1656 probably in Dedham, Massachusetts.2

Children of Hannah (Unknown) and John Dwight


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Hannah (Unknown)1

F, #5755
     Hannah (Unknown) married Ebenezer Gove.1

Child of Hannah (Unknown) and Ebenezer Gove


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Hannah (Unknown)1

F, #14940
     Hannah (Unknown) married Leonard Hoar Cotton, son of Rev. Thomas Cotton and Bridget Hoar.1

Child of Hannah (Unknown) and Leonard Hoar Cotton


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Harriet (Unknown)1

F, #7611
     Harriet (Unknown) married Hon. Salmon George Haven.1

Child of Harriet (Unknown) and Hon. Salmon George Haven


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Hawisia or Avisia (Unknown)1

F, #18298

Child of Hawisia or Avisia (Unknown) and Reginald Chetwynd


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Helena (Unknown)1

F, #10008, b. circa 1583, d. before 3 May 1647
     Helena (Unknown) was born circa 1583.1 She married Rev. Thomas Mason.1 Helena (Unknown) married secondly Rev. Stephen Bachiler on 26 March 1627 at Abbots Ann, Hampshire.2 Helena (Unknown) died before 3 May 1647 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.1

Child of Helena (Unknown) and Rev. Thomas Mason


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Henrietta (Unknown)1

F, #14697
     Henrietta (Unknown) married Edward Wigglesworth.

Child of Henrietta (Unknown) and Edward Wigglesworth


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Henrietta (Unknown)1

F, #24935
     Henrietta (Unknown) married Lt. Colonel William Minto RMA, son of George Minto and Barbara Chisholm.1

Child of Henrietta (Unknown) and Lt. Colonel William Minto RMA


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Honour (Unknown)1

F, #17177, d. 19 December 1650
     Honour (Unknown) married Henry Rolfe.1 Honour (Unknown) died on 19 December 1650 in Charlestown.1

Children of Honour (Unknown) and Henry Rolfe


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Isabel (Unknown)

F, #5255, d. 1554
     Isabel (Unknown) married John Grazebrook (Junior) of Stoke Hall, son of John Gresbrooke of Shenstone. Isabel (Unknown) made a will on 15 March 1550/51 proved at Lichfield 26 January 1554/5 by John Gresbroke and Henry Gresbroke, the executors.1 She died in 1554.2


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Isabel (Unknown)1

F, #16974
     Isabel (Unknown) married Thomas Archer before 1539.1

Children of Isabel (Unknown) and Thomas Archer


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Isabel (Unknown)

F, #18726
     Isabel (Unknown) married William Lovell, son of William Lovell and Maud (Unknown).

Child of Isabel (Unknown) and William Lovell

Isabella (Unknown)1

F, #18477
     Isabella (Unknown) married Robert de Woodcote III, son of Robert de Woodcote II.1

Child of Isabella (Unknown) and Robert de Woodcote III


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Jane (Unknown)1

F, #1258
     Jane (Unknown) and Richard Hussey emigrated circa 1690 to England he settled in Dover, N.H.2 Jane (Unknown) married Richard Hussey by 1691.1


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Jane (Unknown)1

F, #4752
     Jane (Unknown) married Isaac Chauncy, son of Charles Chauncy and Catharine Eyre, they had three sons and a daughter.1

Child of Jane (Unknown) and Isaac Chauncy


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Jane (Unknown)1

F, #5213, d. after 1691
     Jane (Unknown) married David Holmes in 1658.1 Jane (Unknown) died after 1691 in Dedham, Massachusetts.1

Child of Jane (Unknown) and David Holmes


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Jane (Unknown)

F, #6523, b. circa 1811
     Jane (Unknown) was born circa 1811 in Llanerfyl, Montgomery.1 She married Thomas Jones. A photograph in the possesion of CJR in inscribed on the back in his father's writing "Mrs. Thos. Jones, Braichodnant, Llanbrynmair, Great Grandmother." Jane (Unknown) appears on the census of 4 April 1881 where she is described as "formerly farmers wife" and she is living with her daughter and son in law in Shrewsbury.

Children of Jane (Unknown) and Thomas Jones


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Jane (Unknown)1

F, #17358, d. 4 May 1654
     Jane (Unknown) married John Anderson.1 Jane (Unknown) died on 4 May 1654.1

Child of Jane (Unknown) and John Anderson


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