Monroe Anderson McIver

M, #26756, b. 15 October 1890
     Monroe Anderson McIver was born on 15 October 1890.1 He married Elizabeth Cabot Putnam, daughter of Dr. James Jackson Putnam and Marian Cabot, on 21 August 1923 in 72 Chestnut Street, Boston, Massachusetts.1


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James Gresham McKelvey1

M, #26687, b. 2 January 1904, d. 26 October 1987
     James Gresham McKelvey was born on 2 January 1904.1 He married Gladys K. Klumph, daughter of Clarence J. Klumph and Minnie Edith Sewall.1 James Gresham McKelvey died on 26 October 1987 at the age of 831 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Indiana, Indiana County, Pennsylvania.2


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Alice Bethia McKenzie1

F, #21203, b. 3 March 1893, d. 13 March 1920
     Alice Bethia McKenzie was born on 3 March 1893 in Dover, Kent County, Ontario.2,3,4 She was the daughter of Roderick McKenzie and Bethia McVean.1,3 Alice Bethia McKenzie married Clifford Horace Sewall, son of Albert Defiance Sewall and Dora Randina Belseth, in 1912 in Medicine Hat, Alberta.1,5,6 Alice Bethia McKenzie died on 13 March 1920 in Elk Point, Alberta, at the age of 27.5

A message came from Elk Point last Saturday morning which stirred this whole district. This was to the effect that Mrs Clifford H. Sewall had died of 'flu. Mrs. Sewall is the daughter of Mr. Roderick MacKenzie and a sister of Harvey C. MacKenzie and Samuel MacKenzie, both of Etzikom; there is another brother, Victory Roy MacKenzie, of Rockford, North Dakota, and one sister, Jean, who has recently become the wife of Lieutenant Sherwood of Windsor, Ontario. Mr. Harvey MacKenzie and Mr. William Thiel immediately drove to the Crow line in order to make Elk Point in time for the funeral. Mr. C.I. Sewall of Calgary and Miss Dora Sewall of Grassy Lake also left at once to be in attendance at the funeral, the latter two being brother and sister of the deceased's husband. Mrs. Sewall's death is a great blow to this part of the country, as she came here in 1909 and kept home for her father and brothers until about seven years ago, when she married Mr. Cliff Sewall. They were both dearly loved and popular with all the people in this district and only last fall moved away to the north. Mrs. Sewall leaves five children, the oldest being only seven years of age.7

Children of Alice Bethia McKenzie and Clifford Horace Sewall


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Arthur James Nilson McKenzie1

M, #24764, b. circa 1895
     Arthur James Nilson McKenzie was born circa 1895.1 He married Violet May Gass on 25 April 1914 in Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa.1


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Catherine Elizabeth McKenzie1,2

F, #20883
     Catherine Elizabeth McKenzie married Rev. Alexander Mathieson D.D.1

Child of Catherine Elizabeth McKenzie and Rev. Alexander Mathieson D.D.


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Katherine E. McKenzie1

F, #23089, b. circa 1878, d. 1 May 1956
     Katherine E. McKenzie was born circa 1878 in Bath, Maine.2 She was the daughter of William H. McKenzie and Nettie Nute.1 Katherine E. McKenzie married Samuel Jordan Sewall, son of Frederick Wood Sewall and Isabella Frost Jordan, on 12 October 1904 in Wiscasset, Maine.1 Katherine E. McKenzie died on 1 May 1956 in Bath, Maine,3 and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Wiscasset, Lincoln County, Maine.4

Mrs Katherine MacKenzie Sewall, 76, widow of Samuel J. Sewall, died Tuesday at her home on Lee street. She was born in Wiscasset, attended local schools and graduated from Wiscasset Academy. She was a member of Wiscasset Academy Alumni Association, The Organ Society, Wiscasset Female Charitable Society, the Woman's Club of Wiscasset. Surviving are two daughters. Mrs. Carroll B. Sproul of Wiscasset and Mrs. Charles J. Pugh of Malvern. Penn; a brother, William B MacKenzie of New Haven, Conn and a sister, Miss Gertrude MacKenzie of Wiscasset, and several grandchildren. Services will be held at the Congregational church, Thursday afternoon at two o'clock. Interment will be in the family lot in Woodlawn cemetery.3

Children of Katherine E. McKenzie and Samuel Jordan Sewall


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Roderick McKenzie1

M, #21204
     Roderick McKenzie married Bethia McVean.2

Child of Roderick McKenzie and Bethia McVean


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William H. McKenzie1

M, #23091
     William H. McKenzie married Nettie Nute.1

Child of William H. McKenzie and Nettie Nute


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George Grant McKeough1

M, #501, b. 2 January 1898, d. 18 May 1964
     George Grant McKeough was born on 2 January 1898 in Wellington Street, W. Chatham, Ontario.1 He was the son of William Edward McKeough and Mabel Annie Stewart.1 George Grant McKeough married Florence Sewell Woodward, daughter of Arthur Charles Woodward and Charlotte Mary McIntyre, on 31 January 1921 in All Saints Church, Windsor, Rev. Carlisle officiated.1 George Grant McKeough died on 18 May 1964 in Casey Key, Nakomis, Florida, at the age of 66.1

Child of George Grant McKeough and Florence Sewell Woodward


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William Edward McKeough1

M, #2276
     William Edward McKeough married Mabel Annie Stewart.1

Child of William Edward McKeough and Mabel Annie Stewart


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Woodward Stewart McKeough1

M, #2278, b. 21 November 1921
     Woodward Stewart McKeough was born on 21 November 1921 in Public General Hospital, Chatham, Ontario.1 He was the son of George Grant McKeough and Florence Sewell Woodward.1 Woodward Stewart McKeough was christened on 15 October 1922 at Christ Church, Chatham, by Canon Perkins.1


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Avilla Julia McKinley1,2

F, #10305, b. 17 August 1861, d. 25 April 1941
     Avilla Julia McKinley was born on 17 August 1861 in Ohio.3 She was the daughter of Dr. Charles McKinley.1 Avilla Julia McKinley married Henry Middleton Sewall, son of Henry Middleton Sewall and Anne Elizabeth Higgins, on 22 March 1899 in Champaign County, Illinois.4 Avilla Julia McKinley appears on the census of 1900 which includes her mother named as Anne E. White.5 She died on 25 April 1941 in Paulding County, Ohio, at the age of 79.6

Children of Avilla Julia McKinley and Henry Middleton Sewall


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Dr. Charles McKinley1

M, #10306
     Dr. Charles McKinley. Of Champaign, Illinois.

Child of Dr. Charles McKinley


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Elizabeth McKinstry1

F, #13731, b. 26 October 1772
     Elizabeth McKinstry was born on 26 October 1772.2 She married Samuel Sparhawk, son of John Sparhawk and Abigail King, in 1803.1


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Betsey McKnight1

F, #17931, b. 11 September 1802, d. 1865
     Betsey McKnight was born on 11 September 1802 in Oxford, Chenango County, New York.1 She married Samuel Flint, son of Edward Flint and Hepzibah Fletcher, on 27 January 1825 in Pompey, New York.1 Betsey McKnight died in 1865.

Child of Betsey McKnight and Samuel Flint


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John McKnight1

M, #2244, b. 1865, d. 1931
     John McKnight was born in 1865.1 He married Matilda Holterman. John McKnight died in 1931.1

Child of John McKnight and Matilda Holterman


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Mabel Inez McKnight1

F, #2238, b. 5 December 1895, d. 30 December 1988
     Mabel Inez McKnight was born on 5 December 1895 probably in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.2,1 She was the daughter of John McKnight and Matilda Holterman.1 Mabel Inez McKnight married William Frederick Sewell, son of William Edwards Sewell and Sara Collins Owens, on 26 December 1923 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.1 Mabel Inez McKnight died on 30 December 1988 in Ripon, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, at the age of 93.3

Child of Mabel Inez McKnight and William Frederick Sewell


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Trannie McKnight1

F, #18949, b. 9 September 1896, d. 5 October 1985
     Trannie McKnight was born on 9 September 1896.2 She married James Krouse Sewall, son of Dr. Francis Lewis Sewall and Alice Marshall Finch. Trannie McKnight died on 5 October 1985 in Cherokee County, Texas, at the age of 893 and is buried in Providence Cemetery, Dialville, Cherokee County, Texas.4

Children of Trannie McKnight and James Krouse Sewall


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Jean McLachlan1

F, #22592
     Jean McLachlan was the daughter of Lachlan McLachlan of Lephinmore and Mary Stewart.1 Jean McLachlan married Rev. James Stewart on 10 November 1713.1

Children of Jean McLachlan and Rev. James Stewart


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Lachlan McLachlan of Lephinmore1

M, #22593, d. 16 April 1746
     Lachlan McLachlan of Lephinmore married Mary Stewart. On 11 August 1715 at Inverary one of the signatees to the "Resolve" of the landowners of Argyllshire on hearing of the proposed Jacobite invasion.2 Lachlan McLachlan of Lephinmore died on 16 April 1746.

Child of Lachlan McLachlan of Lephinmore and Mary Stewart


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George McLane1

M, #20730, b. 1871
     George McLane was born in 1871.1 He married Isabella (Isa) Vader, daughter of John Vader and Esther Grieve.1


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Catherine McLaughlin1

F, #22839
     Catherine McLaughlin married Charles Timney.1

Child of Catherine McLaughlin and Charles Timney


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(unknown) Mclean1

M, #24912, d. 11 August 2004
     (unknown) Mclean was born in Royalton, Vermont.1 He married Helen Margorie Sykes, daughter of Robert Roy Sykes and Cora Blanche Sewall.1 (unknown) Mclean died on 11 August 2004 in Stafford, Connecticut.1


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Chief Justice Archibald McLean1

M, #8484, b. 5 April 1791, d. 24 October 1865
     Chief Justice Archibald McLean was born on 5 April 1791 in St. Andrews, Luneburg District, Province of Québec.1,2 He was the son of Neil McLean and Isabella Macdonell.2 Chief Justice Archibald McLean married Joan McPherson.1 Chief Justice Archibald McLean died on 24 October 1865 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, at the age of 74.1,2

Child of Chief Justice Archibald McLean and Joan McPherson


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Archibald Duncan McLean1

M, #8482
     Archibald Duncan McLean was the son of Thomas A. McLean.1 Archibald Duncan McLean married Alice Louisa Meredith, daughter of Edmund Allan Meredith and Anne Frances Jarvis, on 22 September 1889.1


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Clayton F. McLean1

M, #25720, b. 1902, d. 1987
     Clayton F. McLean was born in 1902.1 He married Lora Ivey Blackwell, daughter of Nathan Thomas Blackwell and Susan Mariah Sewall.1 Clayton F. McLean died in 1987 in Alabama.1


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George Hammond McLean1

M, #22777

Child of George Hammond McLean


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James Hammond McLean1

M, #19923, b. 6 November 1879, d. 31 March 1956
     James Hammond McLean was born on 6 November 1879 in New York City.2 He was the son of George Hammond McLean.3 James Hammond McLean married Mary Cecil Boardman, daughter of Albert Barnes Boardman and Georgiana Gertrude Bonner, on 17 November 1902 in St. Thomas' Protestant Episcopal Church, Manhattan, New York.1,3 James Hammond McLean died on 31 March 1956 in New York at the age of 76.4

Child of James Hammond McLean and Mary Cecil Boardman


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James Monroe McLean

M, #24513, b. 7 November 1903, d. 4 February 1970
     James Monroe McLean was born on 7 November 1903 in Manhattan, New York.1 He was the son of James Hammond McLean and Mary Cecil Boardman. James Monroe McLean married Jacqeline Outliet Emerson on 17 April 1937 in Manhattan, New York.2 James Monroe McLean died on 4 February 1970 in New York at the age of 66.3


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Mary B. McLean1

F, #12677, b. 10 October 1830, d. 10 March 1857
     Mary B. McLean was born on 10 October 1830 in Wiscasset, Maine.2 She was the daughter of Robert McLean.2 Mary B. McLean married Rev. Rufus King Sewall, son of Rufus King Sewall and Phoebe W. Merrill, on 10 September 1856 in Wiscasset, Lincoln County, Maine.1,3 Mary B. McLean died on 10 March 1857 in Maine at the age of 264 and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Wiscasset, Maine.5


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