Hannah Lyon1

F, #22288
     Hannah Lyon married Christian E. Johnson.1

Child of Hannah Lyon and Christian E. Johnson


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John Burr Lyon

M, #25568
     John Burr Lyon married Josephine Fagan.

Child of John Burr Lyon and Josephine Fagan

Mary Jane Lyon1

F, #17774
     Mary Jane Lyon married Francis Curtis.1

Child of Mary Jane Lyon and Francis Curtis


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Mary Peirce Lyon1

F, #25567, b. 1902
     Mary Peirce Lyon was born in 1902 in Torrington, Connecticut.1 She was the daughter of John Burr Lyon and Josephine Fagan. Mary Peirce Lyon married Maturin Livingston Delafield, son of Edward Coleman Delafield and Margaretta Stockton Beasley, on 25 October 1924 in Manhattan, New York, New York.1


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Robert D. Lyons1

M, #26393, b. 19 November 1846, d. 8 October 1889
     Robert D. Lyons was born on 19 November 1846.1 He married Sarah Ann Burdett, daughter of Oliver Thomas Burdett and Abijah (Abigail) Ann Sewall.1 Robert D. Lyons died on 8 October 1889 at the age of 42.1


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Robert M'Naughton1,2

M, #21918
     Robert M'Naughton married Jane Isabella Murdie, daughter of David Murdie and Marky Minto Elliot, in 1897 in Victoria.1,2


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Fannie Mabbs1

F, #17493
     Fannie Mabbs married John Lawler.1

Child of Fannie Mabbs and John Lawler


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Flora Alexandra Macauley1

F, #22797
     Flora Alexandra Macauley married William Stewart Foggo.1

Child of Flora Alexandra Macauley and William Stewart Foggo


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Martha S. MacCarty1

F, #24876
     Martha S. MacCarty married Francis S. Salmon.1

Child of Martha S. MacCarty and Francis S. Salmon


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Evelyn MacCurdy1

F, #1741
     Evelyn MacCurdy was the daughter of Judge Charles Johnson McCurdy and Sarah Anne Lord.1 Evelyn MacCurdy married Edward Elbridge Salisbury, son of Josiah Salisbury and Abby Breese, on 23 November 1871 or 1872.1,2


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(?) Macdonald of Keppoch

F, #4563
     (?) Macdonald of Keppoch married Alexander Cameron of the Glens [or Glenevis].

Alex R. Macdonald1

M, #6273, d. 21 December 1931
     He was a Under Secretary for Mines, Brisbane.1 Alex R. Macdonald died on 21 December 1931.2

Child of Alex R. Macdonald


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Isabella Macdonald1

F, #21538, b. circa 1832, d. say 1877
     Isabella Macdonald was born circa 1832.2 She married William Reid Crombie, son of John Crombie and Euphemia Wallace, before 1861.2 Isabella Macdonald died say 1877.

Children of Isabella Macdonald and William Reid Crombie


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James Thomas Macdonald1

M, #6131

Child of James Thomas Macdonald


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Jane Macdonald1

F, #6130
     Jane Macdonald was the daughter of James Thomas Macdonald.1 Jane Macdonald married Capt. Donald Colin Cameron, son of Ewen Cameron and Mary McIver, on 16 July 1863 in Edinburgh.1,2

Children of Jane Macdonald and Capt. Donald Colin Cameron


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Janet Wilmina (Mina) Macdonald

F, #4507
     Janet Wilmina (Mina) Macdonald was the daughter of Alex R. Macdonald.1 Janet Wilmina (Mina) Macdonald. Noted for a pedigree herd of cattle. She married William David Crombie, son of William Crombie and Margaret Anne Cameron, on 4 June 1913 in St. Andrew's Church, Brisbane, they established a farmstead at the remote Maranthona, near Longreach (precisely on the tropic of Capricorn, in Queensland.)2

Children of Janet Wilmina (Mina) Macdonald and William David Crombie


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Isabella Macdonell1

F, #8487
     Isabella Macdonell married Neil McLean.1

Child of Isabella Macdonell and Neil McLean


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Irene Margaret MacDowell1

F, #18803, b. 18 April 1911, d. 1987
     Irene Margaret MacDowell was born on 18 April 1911.2 She was the daughter of J.E. MacDowell. Irene Margaret MacDowell married Lt. Commander Joseph Sydney Gabbett, son of Lt. Colonel Pulteney Charles Gabbett and Kate May Gask, in 1935.1 Irene's death was registered in 1987 in Surrey.2


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J.E. MacDowell

M, #20749

Child of J.E. MacDowell

Frank Elwyn Mace1,2

M, #23081, b. 10 June 1863, d. 19 September 1937
     Frank Elwyn Mace was born on 10 June 1863.2 He married secondly Hulda J. Sewall, daughter of Daniel Dana Sewall and Laura A. Folsom, on 12 October 1920 in Augusta, Maine.1 Frank Elwyn Mace died on 19 September 1937 in Maine at the age of 742 and is buried in Forest Grove Cemetery, Augusta, Kennebec County, Maine.


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John Hayter MacFadyen1

M, #17293, b. 5 March 1923, d. 18 February 2000
     John Hayter MacFadyen. Architect and arts administrator.2 He was born on 5 March 1923 in Duluth, Minnesota.2 He graduated in 1946 from Princetown University and in 1949 was awarded his Master of Architecture degree, also from Princeton.2 He married Mary Esther Edge, daughter of Governor Walter Evans Edge and Camilla Loyall Ashe Sewall, on 24 May 1952.1 John Hayter MacFadyen died on 18 February 2000 in Miles Memorial Hospital, Damariscotta, Maine, at the age of 76.2


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Clara MacGown1

F, #4901
     Clara MacGown married Gerrish Bradley Wiggin, son of James Bradley Wiggin and Frances Marie Hazen, on 31 March 1907 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.1,2

Child of Clara MacGown and Gerrish Bradley Wiggin


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Mary Grant Macintosh1

F, #2441
     Mary Grant Macintosh was the daughter of Preble Macintosh.2 Mary Grant Macintosh married Colonel Sidney Hope Dobell D.S.O., C.A., son of William Molson Dobell and Constance May Sewell, on 20 September 1925 in Emmanual Church, Montréal.2


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Preble Macintosh1

M, #19104

Child of Preble Macintosh


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Edward Cornelius Mack1

M, #23896, b. circa 1904, d. 29 March 1970
     Edward Cornelius Mack was born circa 1904 in Harrison, Madison County, Montana.1 He married Hazel Winsome Cummings, daughter of Eugene Cummings and Hattie Cross, on 12 June 1942 in Big Timber, Montana.1 Edward Cornelius Mack died on 29 March 1970 in Big Timber, Montana.2,3


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Elisha Mack1

M, #12053
     Elisha Mack married Catherine Sewall Pynchon Orne, daughter of Timothy Orne and Elizabeth Sewall Pynchon, in 1813.


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Florence Eva MacKay1

F, #24376, b. 21 October 1880, d. 28 November 1966
     Florence Eva MacKay was born on 21 October 1880 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.2 She married Dr. Ralph Justin Sewall, son of Martin Wright Sewall and Catherine Wood Ellis, on 15 December 1930 in Yuma, Arizona.3 Florence Eva MacKay died on 28 November 1966 in San Diego, California, at the age of 861 and is buried in Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego, San Diego County, California.4

Services for Mrs. Florence Sewall, 81, of 131 Elm St., who died Monday in a hospital, will be at 10 a. m. tomorrow in Bonham Brothers Mortuary. A San Diegan 41 years, Mrs. Sewall was born in Canada. She was the widow of Dr. Ralph J. Sewall, a physician who died in 1949. A brother, Reginald Mackay of San Diego, survives. Interment will be in Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery.5


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Margaret Jean MacKay1

F, #2463, b. 1908, d. July 1997
     Margaret Jean MacKay was born in 1908.1 She married Trevor Durnford Ross, son of Andrew Guy Ross and Evelyn St. Lo Durnford, on 11 June 1932 in Montréal.2 Margaret Jean MacKay died in July 1997 in Westmount, Québec.1


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Robert Murray MacKay1

M, #25343, d. before 1994
     Robert Murray MacKay married Cora Frances Sewall, daughter of Harold Cyrus Sewall and Grace A. Stanley, in 1935.1 Robert Murray MacKay died before 1994.1


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Amy Maxwell MacKenzie

F, #2051, b. 10 October 1903, d. 14 November 1998
     Amy Maxwell MacKenzie was born on 10 October 1903.1 She was the daughter of Hugh Blair MacKenzie.2 Amy Maxwell MacKenzie married Elliott Augustus Durnford, son of Augustus Decimus Durnford and Mary Oneida Galt, in 1927.2 Amy Maxwell MacKenzie died on 14 November 1998 in Montreal, Quebec, at the age of 95.1

Children of Amy Maxwell MacKenzie and Elliott Augustus Durnford


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