Mary Baker1

F, #795, d. 9 January 1670/71
     Mary Baker was the daughter of Alexander Baker and Elizabeth Farrar.2,1 Mary Baker married Sir John Dugdale, son of Sir William Dugdale and Margery Huntbach, on 3 December 1662 in Westminster Abbey, London.1 Mary Baker died on 9 January 1670/711 and was buried in Windsor, together with an infant son and daughter.2

Children of Mary Baker and Sir John Dugdale


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Mary Baker1

F, #15772
     Mary Baker was the daughter of Sir John Baker.1 Mary Baker married John Tufton, son of Nicholas Tufton of Northiam and Margaret Hever.1

Children of Mary Baker and John Tufton


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Mary Kendrick Baker1

F, #8609, b. 1870
     Mary Kendrick Baker was born in 1870 in New Hampshire.1,2 She was the daughter of Martin Baker and Charlotte Wood.1 Mary Kendrick Baker married firstly Arthur B. Freeman on 2 July 1894 in Lebanon, New Hampshire.1,3 Mary Kendrick Baker married secondly George Wilkins on 11 May 1903 in Lebanon, New Hampshire.1,3


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Nellie M. Baker1

F, #8608, b. 1858, d. 1914
     Nellie M. Baker was born in 1858.1 She was the daughter of Martin Baker and Charlotte Wood.1 Nellie M. Baker died in 1914.1


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Rebecca Baker1

F, #14699, b. 22 September 1793
     Rebecca Baker was born on 22 September 1793.1 She married Reuben Hoar, son of Samuel Hoar II and Rebecca Dutton, on 1 September 1813.1

Children of Rebecca Baker and Reuben Hoar


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Sidney D. Baker1

M, #22824
     Sidney D. Baker married Eva W. Cole.1


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Susie M. Baker1

F, #17602
     Susie M. Baker married Capt. Edward Robinson "Ned" Sewall, son of Edward Sewall and Sarah Elizabeth Swanton, in 1886 in San Francisco, California.1 Susie M. Baker and Capt. Edward Robinson "Ned" Sewall were divorced in January 1898 in Boston

Mrs. Susan Sewall Secures Liberation From Her Husband.

Dissolute Habits of Arthur Sewall's Nephew Cause Him to Lose His Ship and His Wife.

BOSTON, Jan. 3 — The January session of the divorce court, Judge Blodgett, began this morning. There were forty-three cases on the uncontested docket. Several divorces were granted for desertion. Among these was that of Mrs. Susan Sewall against E. R. Sewall. Mr. Sewall is the nephew of Arthur Sewall, the famous shipbuilder of Bath, Me., and late candidate for Vice-President of the United States.

Mrs. Sewall, whose maiden name was Baker, was married in San Francisco in 1856. Sewall was a shipmaster, and his wife accompanied him for four years on his voyages in different parts of the world. Mrs. Sewall testified that her husband's habits of drinking lost him command of his vessel in 1892. In that year Mrs. Sewall visited her parents in Harwich in this State, and afterward she went with her husband to his home in Bath. They returned to Harwich and soon after Mr. Sewall went away professedly on business. Since that time his wife has seen him but once, and that was at the Adams House in this city in October, 1892. She heard of him in New Jersey and in San Francisco, where he had associations with other women. During this time Mrs. Sewall has lived at 212 Columbus avenue in this city and has supported herself by dressmaking. San Francisco Call, 4 January 1898.2


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[daughter] Baker1

F, #8614
     [daughter] Baker was the daughter of Edmund James Baker and Mary Lovina Tower.1


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Lydia Pilsbury Balch1,2

F, #9535, b. 1 March 1797
     Lydia Pilsbury Balch was born on 1 March 1797 in Newbury, Massachusetts.3 The marriage intention of Lydia Pilsbury Balch and Jeremiah Pearson Toppan, son of Capt. Sewell Toppan and Hannah Johnson, was published on 15 April 1822 in Newbury, Massachusetts.2


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Mary Balch1

F, #19603, b. 1705, d. 9 October 1787
     Mary Balch was born in 1705.1 She married Rev. Paine Wingate, son of Joshua Wingate and Mary Lunt, on 12 December 1727 in Beverly, Massachusetts.1,2 Mary Balch died on 9 October 1787.1

Child of Mary Balch and Rev. Paine Wingate


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Darius Baldwin1

M, #19616, b. 6 May 1804
     Darius Baldwin was born on 6 May 1804 in Woodbridge, Connecticut.1 He married Thirza Dorman.1

Child of Darius Baldwin and Thirza Dorman


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Elizabeth Baldwin1

F, #5638, b. 1722, d. 1811
     Elizabeth Baldwin was born in 1722.1 She married Birdsay Norton, son of Ebenezer Norton.1 Elizabeth Baldwin died in 1811.1


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Luke Baldwin1

M, #19060
     Luke Baldwin married Elizabeth Orne Cushing, daughter of Thomas Cushing and Catherine Sewall Pynchon Orne, on 31 May 1822 they were cousins.1


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Mary Ann Baldwin1

F, #19615, b. 12 January 1834
     Mary Ann Baldwin was born on 12 January 1834.1 She was the daughter of Darius Baldwin and Thirza Dorman.1 Mary Ann Baldwin married General George Morris Harmon, son of Marvin Harmon and Lavinia Hervey Jenks.1

Child of Mary Ann Baldwin and General George Morris Harmon


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Roger S. Baldwin

M, #9192
     Roger S. Baldwin was the son of Rebecca Sherman. Roger S. Baldwin. Governor and Senator who argued the Armistead case.1

Child of Roger S. Baldwin


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Judge Simeon E. Baldwin

M, #9193
     Judge Simeon E. Baldwin was the son of Roger S. Baldwin.

William Baldwin1

M, #2604
     William Baldwin graduated in 1748 from Harvard.1 He married Jane Cooke, daughter of Rev. William Cooke and Jane Sewall, on 15 February 1753 in Sudbury, Massachusetts.1


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Dessie Katharyn Ballard

F, #25296, b. 28 May 1924, d. 10 January 1988
     Dessie Katharyn Ballard was born on 28 May 1924 in Richland, Navarro County, Texas.1 She was the daughter of Thomas C. Ballard and Addie L. Stubbs. Dessie Katharyn Ballard married Francis Lewis Sewall, son of James Krouse Sewall and Trannie McKnight. Dessie Katharyn Ballard died on 10 January 1988 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, at the age of 632 and is buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.3


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Elizabeth Ballard1

F, #15331, b. 15 January 1814, d. 18 January 1861
     Elizabeth Ballard was born on 15 January 1814.1 She married William Phillips Cooper, son of Samuel Cooper and Margaret Phillips, on 15 August 1830.1 Elizabeth Ballard died on 18 January 1861 at the age of 47.1

Children of Elizabeth Ballard and William Phillips Cooper


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Thomas C. Ballard

M, #25298
     Thomas C. Ballard married Addie L. Stubbs.

Child of Thomas C. Ballard and Addie L. Stubbs

Julian Wheeler Ballou1

M, #17546
     Julian Wheeler Ballou married Sylvia Wadsworth Reed.1

Child of Julian Wheeler Ballou and Sylvia Wadsworth Reed


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Sidney Reed Ballou1

M, #2663, b. 30 April 1918, d. 9 September 1983
     Sidney Reed Ballou was born on 30 April 1918.2 He was the son of Julian Wheeler Ballou and Sylvia Wadsworth Reed.1 Sidney Reed Ballou married Persis Lovejoy Abbot, daughter of Edmund (Ned) Quincy Abbot and Melinda Wheeler Rockwood, on 19 September 1943 in Worcester, Massachusetts.1 Sidney Reed Ballou died on 9 September 1983 in Concord, Massachusetts, at the age of 65.2


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Lillian Victoria Balmforth1

F, #8778, b. 18 August 1902, d. August 1994
     Lillian Victoria Balmforth was born on 18 August 1902.1,2 She married Kenneth Fuller Wood, son of Albert Henry Wood and Mary E. Fuller.1 Lillian Victoria Balmforth died in August 1994 possibly in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.1,2


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Catherine de Balsac1

F, #11719
     Catherine de Balsac married Esmé Stewart, 1st Duke of Lennox, son of John Stewart, Lord d'Aubigny and Anne de La Queville, in 1572.1

Child of Catherine de Balsac and Esmé Stewart, 1st Duke of Lennox


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Josephine Louise Baltzell1

F, #11399, b. 24 June 1859, d. 12 February 1914
     Josephine Louise Baltzell was born on 24 June 1859 in Frederick, Maryland.2 She was the daughter of Dr. William H. Baltzell and Josephine (Unknown).3,4 Josephine Louise Baltzell married William Thompson Key, son of Philip Barton Key Jr. and Maria Laura Sewall.1 Josephine Louise Baltzell died on 12 February 1914 in District of Columbia at the age of 545 and was buried on 14 February 1914 in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Frederick, Frederick County, Maryland.5,2

Children of Josephine Louise Baltzell and William Thompson Key


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Dr. William H. Baltzell1

M, #23224
     Dr. William H. Baltzell married Josephine (Unknown).2

Child of Dr. William H. Baltzell and Josephine (Unknown)


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Norah Tindal Bamber1

F, #24749, b. 4 February 1889, d. 11 March 1970
     Norah Tindal Bamber was born on 4 February 1889 in Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.1 She married Thomas Campbell Symonds, son of Thomas Cunningham Lewis Symonds and Alice Ann Picot, on 6 June 1911 in St Saviour's Cathedral, Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.1 Norah Tindal Bamber died on 11 March 1970 in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, at the age of 81.1

Children of Norah Tindal Bamber and Thomas Campbell Symonds


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Daniel Ashton Bamford

M, #15625, b. 1847, d. June 1917
     Daniel Ashton Bamford was born in 1847 in Meltham-Mills, Nr. Huddersfield, Yorkshire.1,2 He was the son of William Bamford. Daniel Ashton Bamford was baptised on 4 April 1847 at Meltham-Mills, Yorkshire.3 He married Rhoda Morgan, daughter of Robert William Morgan and Jane Beale Bleaden Pierce, on 26 June 1872 in Headcorn, Kent, by licence. J. Dursford and Henry Bamford were witnesses. Her brother-in-law, Henry Doyle Sewell conducted the service.4 Daniel Ashton Bamford and Rhoda Morgan appeared in the 1881 census at Croft House, Meltham, Nr. Huddersfield, Yorkshire. Where his occupation is given as Silk Throwster Master.1 Daniel's death was registered in the quarter ending June 1917 in the Lewisham, London, registration district.5 In 1918

A notice was published in The London Gazette: NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between the undersigned, William Bamford, Daniel Ashton Bamford, and Henry Bamford, carrying on business as Silk Throwsters, at Bent Ley Mill, in Meltham, in the parish of Almondbury, in the county of York, or elsewhere, under the style or firm of William Bamford and Sons, has been dissolved, go far as regards the said William Bamford, by mutual consent, as from the 31st day of December, 1881. - Dated this 4th day of January, 1882.6

Children of Daniel Ashton Bamford and Rhoda Morgan


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Edith Bamford1

F, #15627, b. 7 June 1873
     Edith Bamford was born on 7 June 1873 in Meltham, Nr. Huddersfield, Yorkshire.1,2 She was the daughter of Daniel Ashton Bamford and Rhoda Morgan.1 Edith Bamford was christened on 17 August 1873 at Helme, nr Meltham, Yorkshire.2


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William Bamford

M, #15626

Child of William Bamford