Orma Hanna1

F, #22977, b. 12 February 1896
     Orma Hanna was born on 12 February 1896 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.1 She was the daughter of Harry Hanna and Lillian L. Sewall.1


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James Hannan1

M, #22143
     James Hannan married Mary Rigby.1

Child of James Hannan and Mary Rigby


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Alora Hanscom1

F, #26676, b. 30 April 1937, d. 13 April 2000
     Alora Hanscom was born on 30 April 1937 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.1 She was the daughter of Lester George Hanscom and Clara Mae Sewall.1 Alora Hanscom died on 13 April 2000 in Ocala, Marion County, Florida, at the age of 621 and is interred in Riverside Cemetery, Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland County, Maine.2

Alora Hanscom Robinson, 62, died April 13, 2000, at Munroe Regional Medical Center.
A native of Portland, Maine, she was a daughter of Lester Hanscom and Clara Sewall Hanscom. She graduated from Cape Elizabeth High in 1955.
She was a member of the Ocala West Methodist Church.
Surviving are her husband, Everett Robinson of Ocala; two daughters, Susan Hight Childs of Orange, Vt., and Sandra Robinson Ciarrocchi Robinson of Powell, Tenn; two sons, David Robinson of Saco, Maine, and George Robinson of Pittsfield, Maine; three brothers, Henry and Robert Hanscom, both of Ocala, and Norman Hanscom of South Portland, Maine; a sister, Jane Flick of Gray, Maine, and seven grandchildren.3


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Lester George Hanscom1

M, #20094, b. 28 March 1896, d. 29 June 1971
     Lester George Hanscom was born on 28 March 1896 in Lee, Penobscot County, Maine.1 He married Clara Mae Sewall, daughter of Henry Augustus Sewall and Alice Belle Foster, on 23 February 1929.2 Lester George Hanscom died on 29 June 1971 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine, at the age of 753 and is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Cape Elizabeth, Cumberland County, Maine.4

Children of Lester George Hanscom and Clara Mae Sewall


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Robert L Hanscom1

M, #26678, b. 10 April 1932, d. 17 December 2018
     Robert L Hanscom was born on 10 April 1932 in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine.1 He was the son of Lester George Hanscom and Clara Mae Sewall.1 Robert L Hanscom died on 17 December 2018 in Ocala, Marion County, Florida, at the age of 86.1


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(unknown) Hanson1

M, #19460, d. before 1844
     (unknown) Hanson died before 1844.1

Hannah Hanson1

F, #3298
     Hannah Hanson was the daughter of Isaac Hanson and Susannah Canney.1 Hannah Hanson married Col. Benjamin Titcomb, son of Daniel Titcomb and Anne Wingate, on 30 December 1773.


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Henry Hanson1

M, #8092
     Henry Hanson married Alida Livingston, daughter of Philip Livingston, "Second Lord of the Manor" and Catharine Van Brugh, on 26 September 1750.2


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Isaac Hanson

M, #3299
     Isaac Hanson married Susannah Canney.

Child of Isaac Hanson and Susannah Canney


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Mary Ann Hanson

F, #26852
     Mary Ann Hanson married George L. Rogers.

Child of Mary Ann Hanson and George L. Rogers

Mehitable Hanwood1

F, #11287
     Mehitable Hanwood married Col. Thomas Savage, son of Habijah Savage and Hannah Tyng, on 5 February 1691.1


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H. Haraden1

F, #13711
     H. Haraden married John Ropes, son of Judge Nathaniel Ropes and Priscilla Sparhawk, on 11 December 1787.1


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Mary Harbauer1

F, #22992
     Mary Harbauer married Joseph Teipel.1

Child of Mary Harbauer and Joseph Teipel


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Martha Harbison1

F, #10385
     Martha Harbison married William Sewall Goodell, son of John H. Goodell and Harriet Abigail Sewall, on 25 April 1900.1


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Alice Evelyn Harcourt

F, #14563, b. 1837, d. 1931
     Alice Evelyn Harcourt was born in 1837. She married Nathaniel Stevenson. Alice Evelyn Harcourt died in 1931.

Child of Alice Evelyn Harcourt and Nathaniel Stevenson

Walter Joseph Hardcastle1

M, #22802, b. circa 1877
     Walter Joseph Hardcastle was born circa 1877 in London.1 He married secondly Florence Evelyn Whyte, daughter of Adam Whyte and Mary Payne, on 16 September 1922 in Ontario.1


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Margaret Hardie

F, #21920, b. circa 1862, d. 11 October 1933
     Margaret Hardie was born circa 1862.1 She married Mark Elliot Murdie, son of David Murdie and Marky Minto Elliot, in 1906 in Victoria. Margaret Hardie died on 11 October 1933 in West Coburg, Victoria.1


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Margaret Helena Isabella Hardie1,2

F, #6159
     Margaret Helena Isabella Hardie married Percival Lodge Cameron, son of John Cameron and Sarah Annie Lodge, on 28 February 1912 in Queensland.2


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Blanche Harding1

F, #15984, b. 12 May 1889, d. 28 May 1973
     Blanche Harding. American painter. She was born on 12 May 1889 in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.2 She was the daughter of Hallock Harding and Kate Buchanan.3 Blanche Harding married William Cleveland Sewall, son of Edward Wa[i]les Sewall and Gabriella Harriet (Ella) Campbell, on 23 November 1910 in Fort Worth, Texas.4 Blanche Harding died on 28 May 1973 in Memorial Central Hospital, Houston, Texas, at the age of 842 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Forth Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.5

Blanche Harding Sewall (Mrs. Cleveland Sewall) was a native of Fort Worth, Texas and attended Rice Institute with the class of 1917. She was an artist, philanthropist and, as a patron of the arts, a founding member of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. She organized a private foundation, the Library of Arts. At her husband's death in 1942, she assumed operations of his wholesale grocery company, Carson Sewall & Co. Marine Division. As a memorial to her husband, she donated funds for the construction of a building for the Rice campus, Sewall Hall. Mrs. Sewall died on May 28, 1973, in Houston. Funds from her estate provided for the Andrew Hays Buchanan Professorship and the Noah Harding Professorship at Rice. Andrew Hays Buchanan was her maternal grandfather, and Noah Harding was her paternal grandfather. The Sewall residence, designed by Ralph Adams Cram in the Mediterranean Renaissance style in 1925, was left to Rice University. Blanche Harding Sewall was awarded Rice's Gold Medal posthumously in 1973.6


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Elizabeth Harding1

F, #7122
     Elizabeth Harding married John Dwight, son of Captain Timothy Dwight and Sarah Powell, on 3 December 1696.1


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Hallock Harding1

M, #19717
     Hallock Harding married Kate Buchanan.1

Child of Hallock Harding and Kate Buchanan


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Hannah Harding1

F, #5674
     Hannah Harding married Isaiah Crooker, son of Francis Crooker and Patience Childs, in 1756.1,2

Child of Hannah Harding and Isaiah Crooker


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Edward Hay Hardyman1

M, #15756, b. 12 March 1901, d. January 1967
     Edward Hay Hardyman was born on 12 March 1901 in Bath, Somerset.2,3 He was the son of Major William Henry Hardyman and Gwendoline Russell. Edward Hay Hardyman died in January 1967 in New York at the age of 65.4


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John Hay Hardyman1

M, #21301
     John Hay Hardyman. Writer to the Signet.1

Child of John Hay Hardyman


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Major William Henry Hardyman1,2

M, #1863, b. 18 June 1865, d. 14 January 1907
     Major William Henry Hardyman was born on 18 June 1865 in Edinburgh.3 He was the son of John Hay Hardyman.3 On 3 May 1890 he was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. in the West India Regiment; Captain 23 October 1897 and Major 8 July 1905. He served as staff officer on Lines of Communication with the Ashanti Expedition under Sir Francis Scott in 1895-96. Served in operations in Lagos Hinterland, West Africa, in 1897-98. He had the Royal Humane Society's silver medal for saving two lives of the coast of Jersey.4 Major William Henry Hardyman married Gwendoline Russell, daughter of General Sir Edward Lechmere Graves Russell K.C.S.I. and Alice Sewell, on 14 June 1900 in Christ Church, Bath, Somerset.5 Major William Henry Hardyman died on 14 January 1907 in Kingston, Jamaica, at the age of 41 The obituary in the Times reads "Major William Henry Hardyman, 1st Battalion West India Regiment, who has died from injuries received in the Kingston earthquake, was in his 42nd year, and had been nearly 17 years in the regiment. During part of that time he was adjutant of the 3rd (Cumberland Militia) Battalion Border Regiment, and afterwards Governor of the Malta military prison. He was with the Ashanti expedition of 1895-6, and Served in the Lagos Hinterland Campaign of 1897-8. He had the Royal Humane Society's silver medal for saving two lives off the coast of Jersey. He leaves a widow and one son, a boy of six. Mrs Hardyman is a daughter of the late Sir Edward Russell, and is staying with her mother, Lady Russell, at 16, Lansdowne Place East, Bath. She has not been able to obtain any details beyond the announcement in the War Office telegram, respecting the death of her husband."6,7

Child of Major William Henry Hardyman and Gwendoline Russell


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Gertrude B. Harger1,2

F, #20814, b. 28 September 1849, d. 5 October 1915
     Gertrude B. Harger was born on 28 September 1849 in Scotland.2,3 She married Edward Arthur Bishop say 1875.4 Gertrude B. Harger died on 5 October 1915 in Québec at the age of 66.1,3 She was buried on 7 October 1915 in Mount Hermon cemetery, Québec.1,3

Children of Gertrude B. Harger and Edward Arthur Bishop


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Rachel S. Harlan

F, #15557, d. 8 November 1834
     Rachel S. Harlan married Dr. Anthony Benezet Cleveland, son of Rev. Aaron Porter Cleveland and Elizabeth Clement, on 1 August 1833 or 6 November 1834 in Pennsylvania.1,2 Rachel S. Harlan died on 8 November 1834.


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John P. Harle1

M, #22006
     John P. Harle married Jane Kirkwood Tait, daughter of Walter Tait and Jane S. Makins, on 17 October 1901 in Fireburnmill, Coldstream.1


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Melinda Harlow

F, #23575
     Melinda Harlow married Holmes E. Austin.

Child of Melinda Harlow and Holmes E. Austin

Agnes Harman1

F, #5259, d. 5 February 1520
     Agnes Harman was the daughter of William Harman and Joan Squier. Agnes Harman married William Gibbons, son of John Gibbons alias Payne ????. Agnes Harman died on 5 February 1520 in Little Sutton, Warwickshire.


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