Emile Grand-Girard1

M, #2835
     Emile Grand-Girard married Georgianna Herdman.1 Emile Grand-Girard was living in Hillsbore, Ohio.1

Child of Emile Grand-Girard and Georgianna Herdman


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Carol Granger1

F, #22886, b. 24 June 1919, d. 15 March 2010
     Carol Granger was born on 24 June 1919 in Montgomery, Montgomery County, Alabama.2 She married Charles Sewall Aplin, son of Merle Voak Aplin and Sarah Johanna Sewall, on 17 June 1941 in Bradley County, Tennessee.1 Carol Granger died on 15 March 2010 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, at the age of 90 and is buried in Chattanooga National Cemetery, Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee.3

And here's to Carol, the glue that held an extended family together. She kept in touch with every distant cousin, presided over her living room filled with tousled heads peeking out of sleeping bags at family gatherings, and refused to speak ill of anyone.
And this Carol: She always had a smile on her face but never understood a joke. She liked things spelled out for her. She swore by McGuffey's Readers.
Her favorite Bible verse was Philippians 4:8 - "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true ... whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report. If there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."
And she did.
Carol's energy and responsibility as a mother shaped the lives of her children and grandchildren. Her children are: Charles S. Jr. (Jan), Seattle; James G. (Jill), Chattanooga; Jock S. (Jan), Bluegrass, Iowa; Joanne A. Terry (Phil), Chattanooga; and Steven R. (Beverly), Chattanooga.
Her grandchildren are: Eric S. (Stephanie), Seattle; Christy A. Skimming (Mac), Seattle; Benjamin S. (Beth), New York City; Jennifer W. Terry (Josh) Boutwell, Chattanooga; Matthew W., Knoxville; Shannon A. Lee, (David), Murfreesboro; Dana L. Terry, Chattanooga; Brett T. and Calvin W., Chattanooga.
Her great-grandchildren are: Nathan, Sydney, Jordan and Andrew of Seattle; and Susannah of New York City.
Carol's parents were Herbert Horace and Winifred Stivers Granger. Carol was born in Montgomery, Ala. She married Charles Sewall Aplin from Britton, S.D., and they enjoyed 61 years together. She is survived by one brother, Dr. Herbert Granger (Patricia), of Woodbridge, Va.


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Anne Sarah Grant1

F, #9837, b. circa 1794, d. January 1879
     Anne Sarah Grant was born circa 1794 in St. Vincent, West Indies.2 She was the daughter of James Grant.1 Anne Sarah Grant married Cdr. Charles Tindal R.N., son of Robert Tindal and Sarah Pocock, on 25 October 1816.3 Anne Sarah Grant died in January 1879.1

Children of Anne Sarah Grant and Cdr. Charles Tindal R.N.


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Donald Grant1

M, #8213
     Donald Grant. He was of Bellvadoan in Invernesshire.1 He married Marjorie Stuart.1

Child of Donald Grant and Marjorie Stuart


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James Grant1

M, #9838
     James Grant. Of Thoby Priory, Mount Nessing.2

Child of James Grant


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Jane Grant1

F, #4731, b. say 1734, d. October 1774
     Jane Grant was born say 1734. She was the daughter of Sueton Grant and Temperance Talmage. Jane Grant married John Powell, son of John Powell and Ann Dummer, on 17 September 1754 in Newport, Rhode Island.2 Jane Grant died in October 1774 in Long Island where she had gone to be inoculated against smallpox which proved fatal to her.3

Children of Jane Grant and John Powell


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Jane Grant1

F, #18010
     Jane Grant married firstly Adam Gordon, son of Alexander Gordon 4th Duke of Gordon, 7th Marquess, 1st Earl of Norwich and Jean Christie, on 21 September 1833 in Rathven, Banffshire.1,2,3 Jane Grant married secondly Arthur Reid on 18 February 1839 in Bellie, Morayshire.2,4

Child of Jane Grant and Adam Gordon

Children of Jane Grant and Arthur Reid


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Rev. John Grant1

M, #19024
     Minister of Pettie.1 Rev. John Grant married Mary Fraser, daughter of Rev. Donald Fraser M.A. and Jane Gordon, on 26 March 1840 in The Manse, Kirkhill.1


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Sir John Grant of Freuchie

M, #9631

Child of Sir John Grant of Freuchie

Lucy Jane Grant1

F, #19783
     Lucy Jane Grant married Andrew P. Fernald.1

Child of Lucy Jane Grant and Andrew P. Fernald


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Mary Grant

F, #9630
     Mary Grant was the daughter of Sir John Grant of Freuchie. Mary Grant married Lewis Gordon 3rd Marquess of Huntly, son of George Gordon 2nd Marquess of Huntly and Anne Campbell, in October 1644.

Children of Mary Grant and Lewis Gordon 3rd Marquess of Huntly

Mary Grant1

F, #18822
     Mary Grant married Peter Gordon of Borlum.1

Children of Mary Grant and Peter Gordon of Borlum


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Sueton Grant

M, #7600, b. circa 1702, d. 27 September 1744
     Sueton Grant was born circa 1702.1 He was the son of Donald Grant and Marjorie Stuart.2 Sueton Grant married Temperance Talmage on 22 January 1728/29 in East Hampton, New York.3 Sueton Grant died on 27 September 1744 from injuries received in an explosion,1 and is buried in the Common Burying Ground, Newport, Rhode Island.1

Child of Sueton Grant and Temperance Talmage


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Sylvie de Grasse1

F, #14063
     Sylvie de Grasse married Henry Walter Livingston, son of Henry Walter Livingston and Mary Masters Allen.


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Edna Grace Gratton1

F, #23174
     Edna Grace Gratton married Charles Augustus Collins.1

Child of Edna Grace Gratton and Charles Augustus Collins


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Emma Gravely1

F, #1082, b. circa 1809, d. 5 July 1873
     Emma Gravely was born circa 1809.2 She was the daughter of John Gravely and Martha (Unknown).3 Emma Gravely married firstly Édouard Olivier Desbarats, son of Pierre Édouard Desbarats and Josette Voyer, on 12 December 1829 in Holy Trinity, Québec.4 Emma Gravely married secondly Col. John Saint Alban Sewell, son of Chief Justice Jonathan/3 Sewell and Elizabeth Cornfield, on 16 April 1853 in Québec.4 Emma Gravely died on 5 July 1873 in Québec "aged sixty four years."2 She was buried on 7 July 1873 in Québec.2


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John Gravely1

M, #19094, d. before 1829
     John Gravely married Martha (Unknown). John Gravely died before 1829.1

Child of John Gravely and Martha (Unknown)


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Benjamin Graves1

M, #6852
     Benjamin Graves married Mary Hoar, daughter of John Hoar and Alice (Unknown), on 21 October 1668.1


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Eben Hitchcock Graves1

M, #19622, b. 30 January 1831
     Eben Hitchcock Graves was born on 30 January 1831.1 He was the son of James Anson Graves and Hermione Hitchcock.1 Eben Hitchcock Graves married Jane Bronson Hicks, daughter of Charles Hicks and Lemira Henry.1

Child of Eben Hitchcock Graves and Jane Bronson Hicks


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Edmund Augustus Graves1

M, #19620, b. 1 September 1856
     Edmund Augustus Graves was born on 1 September 1856 in Sunderland, Vermont.1 He was the son of Eben Hitchcock Graves and Jane Bronson Hicks.1 Edmund Augustus Graves married Harriet Sargent Way.1

Child of Edmund Augustus Graves and Harriet Sargent Way


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Emma Graves1

F, #20585, b. circa 1894
     Emma Graves was born circa 1894 in New York. She married Paul Van Santvoord Camp, son of George Van Santvoord Camp and Elizabeth Frances Knowlton, on 28 November 1912 in Spokane, Washington.2

Children of Emma Graves and Paul Van Santvoord Camp


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James Anson Graves1

M, #19624, b. 13 May 1793
     James Anson Graves was born on 13 May 1793 in Sunderland, Vermont.1 He married Hermione Hitchcock.1

Child of James Anson Graves and Hermione Hitchcock


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John Harmon Graves

M, #14592, b. 8 June 1919, d. 29 August 2001
     John Harmon Graves was born on 8 June 1919 in New Haven, Connecticut. He was the son of Lewis Way Graves and Margaret Arletta Harmon. John Harmon Graves married firstly Katharine Sewall Whittier, daughter of Charles LeRoy Ince Whittier and Harriet Sydney Sewall, on 14 June 1941 in the Protestant Episcopal Church of St James the Less, Scarsdale, New York, the ceremony was conducted by the Rev. James Harry Price.1,2 John Harmon Graves died on 29 August 2001 in Langdon Place, Exeter, New Hampshire, at the age of 82.

Child of John Harmon Graves and Katharine Sewall Whittier


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John Harmon Graves II

M, #14595, b. 23 April 1943, d. 11 March 2018
     John Harmon Graves II was born on 23 April 1943 in Princeton, New Jersey.1 He was the son of John Harmon Graves and Katharine Sewall Whittier. John Harmon Graves II died on 11 March 2018 in Danvers, Massachusetts, at the age of 74.2

GRAVES, John H., II 74, of Manchester by-the-Sea, passed away peacefully on Sunday, March 11th.
John's family is grateful to the staffs of Seasons of Danvers and Care Dimensions for their loving care over the past six months, and to Kaplan Family Hospice House for offering comfort in his final days.
John was a loving husband, father, brother, grandfather and uncle. He was a perpetual tinkerer, an avid reader, and an animal aficionado, with a seemingly boundless curiosity for learning about and mastering any new technology he could get his hands on (including cars, radios, cameras, personal computers and electronics), and a love for collecting new tools and toys he could use to play around with that technology. John was also a dedicated photographer, with a camera constantly strapped around his neck at family functions, studying friends and family through the lens to capture the moment forever.
Professionally, John worked in sales for a variety of companies, often in industries --including automotive, personal computers, and I.T.-- that dovetailed with his personal interests. For the last 25 years of his career, John ran his own computer networking consultancy, Dynamic Devices. But above all, John was a sailor; he was most in his element on the water, with the wind at his back, sunshine on his face, and surrounded always by people he loved. As a youth, John spent many happy afternoons in Boothbay Harbor, ME, on his grandfather's motorboat, "Down Easter" and on his uncle's sailboat "Small Fry". In college, he taught sailing in Annapolis, MD. And eventually, he acquired his own sailboats, "Valhalla" and "Hot Flash." John loved nothing more than sailing with his family.
John was born in 1943 in Princeton, New Jersey. After graduating from high school in Towson, MD, John attended The University of Maryland at College Park. While on summer break from Maryland, John met his future wife, Joanne, in Winchester, MA. They were married in Boston at The Church of Saint John the Evangelist in July 1965. Their first son was born in 1966, and a surprise set of twins followed in 1974.
Late in life, following Joanne's death, John was lucky to find love again. In 2014, he married Catherine "Cathy" Dahlstrom, and spent three happy years together with her in Manchester, joined by their cats Buddy and Peppercorn. John is survived by his wife, Catherine E. Graves, and the children from his marriage to Joanne H. Graves: John H. Graves III & his wife, Helen, of Marion, MA; Margaret M. Graves of Beverly, MA; and Matthew J. Graves of San Francisco; and two grandchildren, Lisa and Paul Graves.
He was predeceased by his first wife Joanne Graves, and by his parents John H. Graves and Katharine Whittier Graves. John is also survived by his brothers and sister: Eben Graves of Norwalk, CT; Thomas Graves of Pottsville, PA; Barbara Graves, and her wife Edy Ambroz, of Florence, MA; Jim Graves and his wife Joyce, of Phoenix, AZ; and by 12 nieces and nephews. John will be missed by Catherine's family as well: Carrie Holtan of Spokane Valley, WA; Ross Dahlstrom and his wife Shannon, of Chelmsford, MA; Beth Wierling and her husband Bob, of Franklin, MA; and by her four grandchildren.
Throughout his life, John was actively involved in organizations related to two of his greatest passions: sailing and amateur (i.e. "ham") radio. John (callsign WA1JG, and before that WB1EHL) was a member of The Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association, the North Shore Radio Association, and the American Radio Relay League. He was a longtime student, educator and leader with the Beverly chapter of the United States Power Squadrons, a maritime organization. John was also actively involved in civic organizations; he was a longtime volunteer with The Manchester Boosters Club; a longstanding member of the Morgansolen Lodge of The Sons of Norway; a member of The Manchester Lions Club; he served as a Committee Chair for Troop 3 of the Boy Scouts of America; and he was an enthusiastic member of The Manchester Club for many years. Boston Globe, 15 March 2018


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Katherine Graves1

F, #14392
     Katherine Graves was the daughter of Thomas Graves and Sybil Avery.1 Katherine Graves married Hon. James Russell.1

Child of Katherine Graves and Hon. James Russell


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Lewis Way Graves

M, #14593, b. 2 November 1886
     Lewis Way Graves. Descendant of Deacon George Grave, a founder of Hartford, Conn.. He was born on 2 November 1886 in Sunderland, Vermont.1,2 He was the son of Edmund Augustus Graves and Harriet Sargent Way.3 Lewis Way Graves married Margaret Arletta Harmon, daughter of Charles Harmon and Mira Lotta Cargill, circa 1917.4

Child of Lewis Way Graves and Margaret Arletta Harmon


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Rachel Graves1

F, #19657
     Rachel Graves married George Grimshaw.1

Child of Rachel Graves and George Grimshaw


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Sarah Graves1

F, #5835, b. 1726, d. 1812
     Sarah Graves was born in 1726.1 She married Moses Montague in 1748.1 Sarah Graves died in 1812.1

Child of Sarah Graves and Moses Montague


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Thomas Graves1

M, #14393
     Thomas Graves married Sybil Avery, daughter of Dr. Jonathan Avery and Sybil Sparhawk, on 9 September 1708.2

Child of Thomas Graves and Sybil Avery


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Abigail H. Gray1

F, #9208, b. 11 November 1777, d. 19 June 1854
     Abigail H. Gray was born on 11 November 1777.1 Abigail H. Gray was living in Newbury before her marriage. She married Joseph Sewall, son of Capt. Joseph Sewall and Mercy Sewall, on 22 September 1810 in Newbury, Massachusetts, (however Vital records of Newbury, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849 give the date of marriage intention as Sept. 27, 1810.)1,2 Abigail H. Gray died on 19 June 1854 in York, Maine, at the age of 761 and is buried in South Side Cemetery, York Village, Maine.3

Children of Abigail H. Gray and Joseph Sewall


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