Harriet Leland Sewall

F, b. December 1867, d. 1941
     Harriet Leland Sewall was born in December 1867 in Maine the 1900 Census gives her birth as December 1877 and her age as 32.1 She was the daughter of Capt. Samuel Johnson Mills Sewall and Francella Augusta Cunningham.2 Harriet Leland Sewall married Jean Raoul de Peiffer on 15 July 1885 in Everett, Massachusetts, the record of which calls her Hattie Leland Sewall.3 Harriet Leland Sewall died in 1941.4


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Harriet Mary Ann Drummond Sewall1

F, b. 26 July 1830, d. 2 March 1861
     Harriet Mary Ann Drummond Sewall was born on 26 July 1830 in Phippsburg, Maine.2 She was the daughter of Samuel Sewall and Harriet Drummond.2 Harriet Mary Ann Drummond Sewall was baptised on 7 September 1834 at Phippsburg.3 She married Nathaniel Morse on 2 February 1851 in Bath, Sagadahoc, Maine.4 Harriet Mary Ann Drummond Sewall died on 2 March 1861 at the age of 30.2

Children of Harriet Mary Ann Drummond Sewall and Nathaniel Morse


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Harriet Maxine Sewall1

F, b. 8 October 1907, d. 12 June 2002
     Harriet Maxine Sewall was born on 8 October 1907 in Massachusetts.1 She was the daughter of Samuel Egbert Sewall and Mabel Caroline Johnson.2 Harriet Maxine Sewall married Russell Allen Wylie in 1928 in Medford, Massachusetts.3 Harriet Maxine Sewall died on 12 June 2002 in Rensselaer, New York, at the age of 94.4


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Harriet Putnam Sewall1,2

F, b. 6 August 1888
     Harriet Putnam Sewall was born on 6 August 1888.1 She was the daughter of William Wingate Sewall and Mary Alice Sherman.1 Harriet Putnam Sewall married George Henry Harmon, son of Rev. Lot L. Harmon and Mary Jane Butler, on 26 December 1907 in Island Falls, Maine.3

Children of Harriet Putnam Sewall and George Henry Harmon


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Harriet Sydney Sewall1

F, b. 19 September 1896, d. 15 July 1974
     Harriet Sydney Sewall was born on 19 September 1896 in Old Town, Maine.2 She was the daughter of James Wingate Sewall and Harriet Sterling Moor.1 Harriet Sydney Sewall married Charles LeRoy Ince Whittier, son of LeRoy Francis Whittier and Amy Georgina Ince, on 1 April 1918 in Manhattan, New York City.2 After her marriage she used the name Sydney Sewall Whittier. Harriet Sydney Sewall died on 15 July 1974 in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, at the age of 77.3

Child of Harriet Sydney Sewall and Charles LeRoy Ince Whittier


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Harriet Winslow Sewall1

F, b. 20 August 1883, d. 10 November 1966
     Harriet Winslow Sewall was born on 20 August 1883 in Ramsey County, Minnesota.2 She was the daughter of Joseph Sewall Sewall and Ida Christina Peterson.1 She was a librarian at the at State University, Minnesota.3 Harriet Winslow Sewall died on 10 November 1966 in Ramsey County, Minnesota, at the age of 83.4


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Harrison Edward Sewall1

M, b. 10 November 1885, d. before 1900
     Harrison Edward Sewall was born on 10 November 1885 in Iowa.1 He was the son of Edward Everett Sewall and Catherine Durr.1 Harrison Edward Sewall died before 1900 in Council Bluffs, Iowa.2


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Harry Baird Sewall1

M, b. 8 December 1889, d. 29 January 1946
     Harry Baird Sewall was born on 8 December 1889 in Urbana, Champaign County, Illinois.2,1 He was the son of Henry Middleton Sewall and Clara J. Baird.3 Harry Baird Sewall married Anna Irene Landee on 24 June 1915 in Rock Island, Illinois.4 Harry Baird Sewall died on 29 January 1946 in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, at the age of 565 and is buried in Clarksdale, Mississippi.5,6

Children of Harry Baird Sewall and Anna Irene Landee


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Harry Baird Sewall1

M, b. 9 January 1953, d. 4 October 2012
     Harry Baird Sewall was born on 9 January 1953. He was the son of Frank Middleton Sewall and Mary Betty Hammond.1 Harry Baird Sewall died on 4 October 2012 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, at the age of 59.


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Harry Buttrick Sewall1

M, b. 9 August 1875, d. 2 December 1954
     Harry Buttrick Sewall. Manager of The Puget Sound Power & Light Company. He was born on 9 August 1875 in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.2 He was the son of Samuel Sewall and Hannah Catherine "Kittie" Marden.3 Harry Buttrick Sewall married firstly Lillian E. White, daughter of John T. White and Christine Kidd, on 15 September 1903 in Lowell, Massachusetts.4 Harry Buttrick Sewall married secondly Mary Friend Darracott, daughter of Dr. Thomas P. Darracott and Mary Friend, on 4 February 1943 in St. Theresa's Rectory, Seattle, Washington.5,6 Harry Buttrick Sewall died on 2 December 1954 in Seattle, Washington, at the age of 79.7

"The world instinctively pays homage to the man whose self-reliant nature and inherent force of character enable him to rise above his fellows, and of this type is Harry B. Sewall, whose broad experience has enabled him to direct successfully the many interests of the Puget Sound Power & Light Company of Bellingham, a corporation which has exerted a dynamic force in the development of northwestern Washington. His life has been devoted to the study of the public utilities, which have become almost as necessary as the daily food supply to the communities they serve.
Mr. Sewall is a native of Massachusetts, and he attended the Institute of Technology at Boston in the pursuit of his higher education. In 1899 he entered the employ of Stone & Webster and gradually worked his way through the various departments of the business, at length becoming manager of their interests in Whatcom and Skagit counties. In 1918 he was sent from Texas to this district, which comprises twenty-five cities and towns, and has since made his headquarters in Bellingham.
The Puget Sound Power & Light Company, of which Mr. Sewall is manager, is the outgrowth of the following corporations: The Whatcom County Railway & Light Company, the Fairhaven Street Railway Company, the Lake Whatcom Street Railway Company, the Fairhaven & New Whatcom Street Railway Company, the New Whatcom, Thompson & Houston Electric Company, the Bellingham Bay Electric Street Railway Company, the Northern Railway Improvement, the Bellingham Bay Improvement Company, the Fairhaven Electric Light, Power & Motor Company, the Bellingham Bay Gas Company and other properties. In May, 1891, the Fairhaven Street Railway Company was formed and in August of that year the Lake Whatcom line was promoted. The men responsible for these projects were Edward J. Cosgrove, J. E. Baker, Morris McCarty, C. J. Cook and Hugh Eldridge. The last named was elected president of the corporation and served until 1895, when he resigned. The lighting plant was started in 1888, and the Bellingham Bay Gas Company was organized June 9, 1890. The parent corporation is building the Baker River plant in Skagit county and one hundred thousand horse power will be distributed from this station.
A large percentage of the power used in the district is generated by the company, which has maintained a rural power line for a period of seventeen years. It serves several thousand homes in Whatcom county and has been one of the most potent forces in the development of the great poultry industry, which has brought prosperity to many residents of this section of the state. The company has led in the work of upbuilding the rural communities of Washington and its operations have been of inestimable value to the state. The corporation has over three thousand gas customers in Bellingham and furnishes light and power to more than twenty thousand patrons in the district which is comprised of Whatcom, Skagit and Island counties. It controls twenty-seven miles of street railway in Bellingham, and one of its auxiliaries, the Pacific Northwest Traction Company, operates trains hourly between Bellingham and Mount Vernon, Washington, maintaining express and freight service. The two companies have a combined payroll of over four hundred thousand dollars, and their taxes amount to seventy five thousand dollars per year, while their employes number over three hundred. The Puget Sound Power & Light Company maintains its own sales organization and that its bonds and preferred stock are regarded as safe and profitable investments is proven by the fact that the corporation has four hundred stockholders in Whatcom county. The main offices are located in a substantial three-story building at the corner of Elk and Holly streets in Bellingham, and the company also has a Union station, from which fifty-five automobile busses are operated.
To the many complex problems presented to him daily for solution Mr. Sewall brings the mental alertness, broad vision, business acumen and administrative power of the true executive, and his labors have been of far-reaching scope and importance and most beneficial in their results. He is a thirty-second degree Mason and Shriner and exemplifies in his life the beneficent teachings of the organization. He is connected with the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks and also belongs to the Rotary, Country, Cougar and Kulshan Clubs of Bellingham, while his political support is given to the republican party".
Lottie Roeder Roth, The History of Whatcom County. Chicago: Pioneer Historical Publishing Company, 1926. Vol. 2. pp. 776-777.


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Harry Waldemar Sewall1

M, b. 26 January 1880, d. 25 July 1883
     Harry Waldemar Sewall was born on 26 January 1880 in Newton, Massachusetts.1 He was the son of Samuel Brown Sewall and Louisa Elizabeth Farrington.1 Harry Waldemar Sewall died on 25 July 1883 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the age of 3.2


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Harry West Sewall1,2

M, b. 8 October 1867, d. 11 June 1947
     Harry West Sewall was born on 8 October 1867 in Faifax County, Virginia.3 He was the son of Joseph Carberry Sewall and Roberta Sweeney.1 Harry West Sewall died on 11 June 1947 in Arlington, Virginia, at the age of 793 and is buried in Saint James Cemetery, Falls Church, Virginia.2


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Hartley Wright Sewall1

M, b. 30 June 1835, d. 2 August 1890
     Hartley Wright Sewall was born on 30 June 1835 in Massachusetts.1,2 He was the son of Moses Sewall and Louisa Lentner.1 Hartley Wright Sewall was educated between 1852 and 1854 at Norwich University, Vermont. He married Flora B. Willoughby, daughter of Thomas Willoughby and Margaret King, on 21 September 1859 in Providence, Rhode Island.3 Hartley Wright Sewall and Flora B. Willoughby appear on the census of 1 June 1860 in Ward 11, Boston, Massachusetts, where he worked in a hat store.4 Hartley Wright Sewall died on 2 August 1890 at the age of 55.1
Sentence of a Military Commission.
Lieutenant Hartley W. Sewall, of the United States revenue service, has been tried by a commission at Norfolk, Va., on the charge of "malfeasance in the discharge of his duty," in permitting liquor to be smuggled into the department of Virginia and North Carolina, and also on the charges he pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to be cashiered and confined in the penitentiary for ten years. Henry Clay Rodgers, master of the schooner L.B. Copperwaite, from which the liquor was landed, was also tried, and pleading guilty, was fined $2,000, and in default of its payment to be confined at hard labor for sixteen month. General Butler has approved the sentence in both cases. Adams Sentinel (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), 5 July 1864.

Child of Hartley Wright Sewall and Ellen (Unknown)


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Harvey Loomis Sewall1

M, b. 12 May 1834, d. 13 August 1837
     Harvey Loomis Sewall was born on 12 May 1834.1 He was the son of Rev. Jotham Sewall and Rachel Crosby Bradbury.1 Harvey Loomis Sewall died on 13 August 1837 at the age of 3.1


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Hattie Abbie Sewall1

F, b. 13 November 1860, d. 28 January 1865
     Hattie Abbie Sewall was born on 13 November 1860 in Bath, Maine.1,2 She was the daughter of Stephen Bayley Sewall and Hannah Polly Orr.1 Hattie Abbie Sewall died on 28 January 1865 at the age of 4.2


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Hattie Belle Sewall1

F, b. 18 May 1870, d. 13 June 1952
     Hattie Belle Sewall was born on 18 May 1870 in Lackawannoch Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, 18 May 1872 is shown on the death certificate.2,3 She was the daughter of Oliver Henry Sewall and Elizabeth Miller.1 Hattie Belle Sewall married Charles William Neal on 24 December 1888 in Mercer County, Pennsylvania.1 Hattie Belle Sewall died on 13 June 1952 in New Castle, Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, at the age of 82.2


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Hattie Gertrude Sewall1

F, b. 30 November 1866
     Hattie Gertrude Sewall was born on 30 November 1866 in Weymouth, Massachusetts.1,2 She was the daughter of Dummer Sewall and Mary Savory Cook.1 Hattie Gertrude Sewall married Abner Derby Tirrell on 4 March 1883 in Weymouth, Massachusetts.3

Child of Hattie Gertrude Sewall and Abner Derby Tirrell


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Hattie M. Sewall1

F, b. after 1860
     Hattie M. Sewall was born after 1860.1 She was the daughter of James Fogg Sewall and Christiana K. Southard.1 Hattie M. Sewall married William E. Lane on 28 September 1878 in Penobscot, Maine.1


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Hazel Frances Sewall1,2

F, b. 3 March 1907, d. 17 May 1983
     Hazel Frances Sewall was born on 3 March 1907 in Keene, New Hampshire.2 She was the daughter of John Marrett Sewall and Edith Mae Bridge.1 Hazel Frances Sewall married Gale Colby Holbrook, son of Henry F. Holbrook and Annie Colby, on 27 May 1927 in Keene, New Hampshire.3 Hazel Frances Sewall died on 17 May 1983 probably in Keene, Cheshire, New Hampshire, at the age of 76.4


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Helen Sewall1

F, b. 17 October 1907, d. November 1975
     Helen Sewall was born on 17 October 1907 in Bridgeton, Cumberland County, New Jersey.2,1 She was the daughter of Dr. Millard Freeman Sewall and Helen Sidney Ditmars.1 Helen Sewall graduated from University of Pennsylvania.3 In 1930 she was working on the editorial staff of a newspaper.4 She married Harold Johnson "Joel" Minton on 11 April 1931? In St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Bridgeton, New Jersey.5 Helen Sewall died in November 1975 at the age of 68.6


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Helen Sewall1

F, b. circa 1904
     Helen Sewall was born circa 1904 in Hennepin County, Minnesota.1 She was the daughter of Frank Lincoln Sewall and Catherine Vlcek.1


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Helen Alberta Sewall1

F, b. 10 March 1877
     Helen Alberta Sewall was born on 10 March 1877.1 She was the daughter of Deacon Calvin Davenport Sewall and Eliza Taylor Moore.1 Helen Alberta Sewall was living in Roxbury, Massachusetts.1


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Helen Choate Sewall1

F, b. 21 April 1847, d. 26 February 1849
     Helen Choate Sewall was born on 21 April 1847.1 She was the daughter of Rev. Thomas Sewall and Julia Elizabeth Waters.2 Helen Choate Sewall died on 26 February 1849 at the age of 1.1


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Helen Drummond Sewall1

F, b. 9 November 1844, d. 25 May 1922
     Helen Drummond Sewall was born on 9 November 1844 in Robbinston, Maine.2 She was the daughter of Rev. David Brainerd Sewall and Mary Drummond.1 Helen Drummond Sewall appears on the census of 1880 at York, Maine, living at home and working as a shool teacher.3 In January 1901 she was a teacher living in South Berwick, Maine.2 She died on 25 May 1922 in South Berwick, Maine, at the age of 774,5 and is buried in First Parish Cemetery, York Village, Maine.4


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Helen Hartwell Sewall1

F, b. 17 June 1891, d. 5 March 1919
Helen Hartwell Sewall
Photograph by Picasa
     Helen Hartwell Sewall was born on 17 June 1891 in Boston, Massachusetts.1 She was the daughter of Rev. John Ladd Sewall and Catherine Mussey Hartwell.1 Helen Hartwell Sewall married Donnell Brooks Young, son of Edward Lorraine Young and Nellie Soule Oakman, on 21 June 1916.2 Helen Hartwell Sewall died on 5 March 1919 at the age of 27.2


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Helen Josephine Sewall1

F, b. 2 December 1900, d. 29 November 1992
     Helen Josephine Sewall was born on 2 December 1900 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.2 She was the daughter of Albert Walter Sewall and Ora Maud Wood.1 In 1920 she was a stenographer in a coal company.3 Helen Josephine Sewall died on 29 November 1992 in Arlington, Massachusetts, at the age of 91.4


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Helen Morgridge Sewall1

F, b. 29 April 1889, d. 26 May 1973
     Helen Morgridge Sewall was living in Millinocket, Maine.1 She was born on 29 April 1889 in Livermore Falls, Maine.2,3 She was the daughter of Eugene Dana Sewall and Fannie Dinsmore Weston.1 Helen Morgridge Sewall married Thomas Kelly LaZure on 20 October 1921 in East Millinocket.4,3 Helen Morgridge Sewall died on 26 May 1973 in Newton, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, at the age of 84.3

Child of Helen Morgridge Sewall and Thomas Kelly LaZure


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Helen Sheppard Sewall1

F, b. circa 1848, d. January 1937
     Helen Sheppard Sewall was born circa 1848 in Maine. She was the daughter of Dr. Stephen Bayley Sewall and Hannah Wood Sheppard.1 Helen Sheppard Sewall married Dr. Alexander Johnston Stone L.L.D. on 15 December 1868 in Wiscasset, Maine.2 Helen Sheppard Sewall died in January 1937 in Chicago, Illinois.3

Children of Helen Sheppard Sewall and Dr. Alexander Johnston Stone L.L.D.


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Helen Turner Sewall1

F, b. March 1861
     Helen Turner Sewall is also recorded as Nellie Sewall.2 She was born in March 1861 in Hamilton, Illinois.3 She was the daughter of Rev. Caleb Marsh Sewall and Catharine S. Turner.4 Helen Turner Sewall married William Savage Turner, son of Samuel Baker Turner and Catharine Hoffman Savage, on 19 May 1891 in Clarinda, Iowa.5

Children of Helen Turner Sewall and William Savage Turner


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Henry Sewall

M, b. 1544, d. 16 April 1628
     He was a linen draper in Coventry.1 Henry Sewall was born in 1544 in Coventry, Warwickshire.2,3,4 He was the son of William Sewall and Matilda Horne.2 Henry Sewall married Margaret Grazebrook, daughter of Alverey Grazebrook and Margaret Keene, before September 1575.3 Henry Sewall died on 16 April 1628 in Coventry.2 He was buried in the Drapers' Chapel, St. Michael's, Coventry.5,6

Henry Sewall was appointed Alderman then Mayor in 1589 and again in 1606. He is reputed to have acquired a great estate and to have been a prudent man. He represented Coventry in the Parliament of 1620-22.1

His will, made on 1 September 1624 at Coventry reads:
"Henry Sewall of the parish of St Michael in the city of Coventry, alderman, aged fourscore years or thereabouts, 1 Sept. 1624, proved the last of June 1628 by Margaret Sewall his relict and executrix. To my wife Margaret an annuity or yearly rent charge of eleven pounds, eight shillings, issuing out of certain lands in Ansley in the county of Warwick, granted to me & my heirs forever, and now in the tenure of Elizabeth Throckmorton widow, and all my lands, tenements and hereitaments, with the appurtenances, &c. in the city of Coventry & in Corley and Coundon in the County of Warwick and in Radford Coudon in Urchenfield & Stoke in the County of the city of Coventry. To Henry Sewall, my eldest son, all my lands, tenements and hereitaments, & c. in the hamlet of Radford in the county of the city of Coventry and in Coudon in Urchenfield in the county of the city of Coventry and in Couden in the County of Warwick, and all my lands, tenements & hereditaments, & c. in Dog Lane in the said city, in the occupation of Richard Baldwyn, a messuage or tenement & one garden, with the appurtenances, in Much Park Street, in Coventry, in the tenure of Henry Critchlowe, draper, and all those messuages or tenements, & c. &c. in the said city in the several occupations of John Harbert, William Heyward, Richard Heyes or Walter Wiggens, and all those three tenements in Little Park Street, in the occupation of Mr. Henry Davenport, ----- Thorton, Katherine West, or their assigns, after the decease of my wife Margaret, and during his natural life; then to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten, & c; also to the said Henry, my son, a tenement & garden, & c. &c. in Heylane in the said city, in the tenure of Bryan Conigrave.
To Richard Sewall, my younger son, after the decease of my wife Margaret, lands & tenements, & c. in Corley, in the county of Warwick, which I lately purchased of Stephen Hales Esq. with the wyudell thereupon now standing, and other lands, &c. purchased of Richard Patchett, of Martin Whadocke & of Thomas Nicklyn and of Thomas Barre; in the tenure of Jefford, barber, and a tenement & certain stables called the Sextree in Convetry.
To my daughter Anne, now the wife of Anthonie Power, my messuage & tenement, & c. &c. in Corley, now in the occupation of me the said Henry, which I lately purchased of Daniel Oxenbridge, and other lands, &c. purchased of Thomas Patchet & George & Walter Holbech, and two tenements in Baile Lane in Coventry, one in the tenure of Theophilus Washington, and a messuage in the tenure of Roger Bird and a tenement in the tenure of Joyce Hobson, a widow and late in the occupation of Lawrence Armeson.
To Margaret, my youngest daughter, now the wife of Abraham Randell, tenements without Newgate in the several tenures of Francis Robinson & Edward Coles, lands, & c. purchased of John Horne of Stoke, gentleman, lands in the tenure of John Wilinson, & of William, or Thomas, Pywall, that my messuage or tenement & garden in Balie Lane, in the city of Coventry wherein I now dwell, tenements, &c. in Baile Lane in the occupation of Roger Dudley, James Knib, William Miller, Edward Maplas, Johane Newland, widow, William Cumberledge & Eward Bissaker, a tenement in Earl Street in the occupation of John Wright, a garden in the occupation of Mr Richard Clarke, a tenement I purchased of John Hammond, Doctor in Physick and tenements in Darbie lane inthe occupation of the widow Wothan & the widow Kinsman. Reference also made to tenements in the occupation of Richard Faulkner, Raphe Mellows, Peter Baxter, Henry Wetton, Randall Cleaver, Clerk, Thomas Hobson and John Hill. To my loving friend Humphry Burton forty shillings, &c. &c. Wife Margaret to be executrix and friends Mr William Hancock, of Coventry, alderman, and my loving kinsman Reginald Horne, gentleman, to be overseers. To my cousin John Horne a cloke cloth.
Wit: John Brownell, James Brownell. "
(Webster p.1 has the will proved 8 April 1628.)7

Children of Henry Sewall and Margaret Grazebrook


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